The client referee survey for Asialaw Profiles 2018 has been circulated. It has gone to the lists of in-house counsel that firms have sent us with their submissions

Feedback from clients that use national and regional law firms in Asia is an important part of the research for the publication. Their views are an important component of our research and analysis to help us come up with the ratings for 18 practice areas in 24 jurisdictions.

Asialaw Profiles 2018 research
For the first time this year, Asialaw held a web seminar at the start of the research for the directory to explain the process and answer any questions from the firms that intend to take part. You can watch a demo of the banking & finance practice survey and listen again here

In the recording you will hear Ralph Cunningham, the publisher of Asialaw; David Doré, an analyst on Asialaw Profiles; and Aman Abbas, director of client and market development at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co discuss the format of the questionnaire, how firms should approach making a submission and some tips about how to make this easier.

The research was launched on March 8. Unlike other directories that deal with Asia, it covers only national and regional firms, giving them more visibility in the market as they try to win more clients and referral work. Read up on what Asialaw Profiles is on our About Us page on our website.

The closing date for submissions was April 26, but please discuss with the analyst for your jurisdiction if you haven't made your submission yet. The research team is analysing this evidence, interviewing lawyers and their clients, and conducting their own independent research, to come up with the ratings and editorial for Asialaw Profiles 2018, which will be published in late September.

The research questionnaire is more extensive than in past years. Why?

We have done it for three reasons, all to do with protecting the integrity of the data and analysis.

  1. The more extensive research questionnaire will allow us to assess each practice area and firm in a more standardised way than in years past.
  2. The demand by in-house counsel for more information by industry and specialty has also influenced the design and content of the questionnaire this year.
  3. The growth in the number of submissions required us to rethink data collection and analysis. A standardised online survey allows us to more quickly capture the data and is intended to align with your workflow.

Tested by the market

The survey design was tested with business development professionals in February 2017. We have added sections about the strengths and weaknesses of your practice areas, in addition to their specialties.  For example, a compelling submission in corporate/M&A should reveal whether joint ventures and strategic alliances are your strong suit or multinational divestitures. Many of the new questions only require a click to answer and our team of research analysts are on hand to help you through the process. 

A few things to note about the research:

  • We will only accept submissions made through the online survey on SurveyMonkey, so not Word or any other software.
  • You will need a case-sensitive password to start making submissions. Contact the research analyst for your jurisdiction and they will send it to you.
  • The guidance documents available here will help you prepare your answers before you go online to submit.

Here are the links to the pages that you need for the Asialaw Profiles research:

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Asialaw Leading Lawyers
Asialaw Awards

New awards

This year, for the first time, Asialaw is launching an awards programme. The research is taking place at the same time as Asialaw Profiles, so watch out, as you go through the submissions, for the information about the awards. It is a combination of peer review and details about your own work in areas such as pro bono and innovation. There are also awards for in-house individuals and teams.

 And remember, Asialaw Profiles 2017 and Asialaw Leading Lawyers 2016 are still on our website and are free to read.