Research Methodology

There is no charge for being part of the research process. We encourage all firms in the region to participate to ensure our editorial provides a full overview of the legal market in your jurisdiction.

Asia’s most authoritative legal directories, asialaw Profiles and asialaw Leading Lawyers, are based on extensive consultation with the market. Our research material, which our team of experienced writers based in the region collects, is from four main sources:

We invite law firms and practitioners to complete our survey telling us about their activities over the previous year. We ask for descriptions of the practice’s most significant matters in each sector, as well as information about key contacts, personnel moves and client details. We also invite clients and practitioners to complete the client and practitioners’ survey to glean additional information for asialaw Leading Lawyers.

Nobody knows the legal market as well as the people who are in it. For this reason, we interview a large number of the leading lawyers from a range of disciplines in each jurisdiction, both over the telephone and face-to-face. We ask them their opinions on our previous year’s recommendations, their competitors’ specific strengths, and their jurisdiction’s leading lawyers. We also discuss recent practice trends and their effect on their jurisdiction’s legal market.

Our contacts with in-house counsel and other buyers of legal services come in the form of in-depth telephone interviews and an online survey. We ask clients about their experiences with each firm they use, as well as their feedback on specific lawyers. The information given by clients is a key factor for us.

Independent research
The research team also relies on other Legal Media Group publications, directories and events, as well as press releases to build an in-depth understanding of the legal environment within their assigned jurisdictions.

Information and insights from the above sources are analysed and assessed cumulatively and no one factor is decisive. A top-tier practice normally possesses an outstanding reputation in the relevant jurisdiction. These practices may or may not provide services to the biggest companies, but they definitely score well on a range of client care metrics and have the strongest teams and practices.

Step-by-step: sector rankings and awards

  • Submit the survey and client referees by deadline*
  • We review the submissions
  • We obtain feedback from your partners, competitors and clients
  • We conduct independent research
  • We draw up the sector rankings and awards shortlist

Step-by-step: Leading Lawyers

  • Submit client and practitioner survey by deadline*
  • We review submissions
  • We obtain feedback from your partners, peers and clients
  • We conduct independent research
  • We draw up the Leading Lawyers list

* Please note that submitting a questionnaire does not automatically guarantee that the firm or practitioner will receive a recommendation or editorial coverage in asialaw Profiles or asialaw Leading Lawyers. This is an editorial decision based on the quality of the survey, the type of work handled by the firm and market feedback conducted during our research process.

For our awards, we consider work highlights and other achievements over and above what normally might be expected. These include engagement in the legal community, legal advocacy and corporate social responsibility initiatives.