Survey Links & Documents

On this page you will find links to our online practice area surveys, the client referee spreadsheet, and the guidance documents of our practice area surveys which you can use to prepare your online submission(s).

Submissions can only be made and accepted online through SurveyMonkey. We do not accept submissions in Word or any other document format.

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Guidance document to help you prepare

Firms should use the guidance documents to prepare answers before going online to submit. To avoid duplication, we do not recommend completing the entire .pdf offline then transferring answers online. Answers are saved in the online survey after you click NEXT, so you should use the guidance document in tandem with the online survey.

You should PRINT the guidance document pages that require the attention of the head of the practice. The following sections should be prioritised: Specialities, Strengths, Peer Evaluation and Awards. You should only print the Peer Evaluation and Awards pages for your jurisdiction. We then recommend distributing these sections to the relevant practices and conducting routine follow-up with your colleagues to ensure the surveys are submitted on time.

Please do not send us the completed Word documents as they will NOT be considered official submissions for Asialaw Profiles research.

To access the guidance documents, please enter the case sensitive password which was in the email invitation. If you need a password, then please contact the research analyst covering your jurisdiction.

Guidance document (case sensitive password protected)

Banking & Finance Guidance
Capital Markets Guidance
Competition & Antitrust Guidance
Construction & Real Estate Guidance
Corporate/M&A Guidance
Dispute Resolution & Litigation Guidance

Energy & Natural Resources Guidance
Financial Services Regulatory Guidance
Insurance Guidance
Intellectual Property Guidance
Investment Funds Guidance
IT, Telco & Media Guidance

Labour & Employment Guidance
Private Equity Guidance
Projects & Infrastructure Guidance
Restructuring & Insolvency Guidance
Shipping, Maritime & Aviation Guidance
Taxation Guidance

Online practice area surveys (case sensitive password protected)

To access the practice area surveys, please enter the case sensitive password which was in the email invitation. If you need a password, please contact the research analyst covering your jurisdiction.

Banking & Finance
Capital Markets
Competition & Antitrust
Construction & Real Estate
Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Energy & Natural Resources
Financial Services Regulatory
Intellectual Property
Investment Funds
IT, Telco & Media

Labour & Employment
Private Equity
Projects & Infrastructure
Restructuring & Insolvency
Shipping, Maritime & Aviation

Client referee spreadsheet

Click here to download the client referee spreadsheet for Asialaw Profiles. You can provide up to 15 client referees per practice area, but feel free to provide more if you wish. All client names will remain confidential.

  1. Submission guide: Save your completed referee document for each jurisdiction as 'firm name_jurisdiction’
  2. Using 'Client referees for firm name_jurisdiction’ as your subject line, send it to the researcher for the jurisdiction. In your email please confirm that you have submitted online. If you prepared your submission using our template document then you can also attach this and/or further documents you would like us to consider.
  3. Please inform your clients to expect an email from May 1 2017. We may contact them before this date.

Asialaw Awards 2017

Please click on these links to submit your own firm’s information for these additional awards: best newcomer, innovation and pro bono.

Leading Lawyers client and practitioner survey – Online*

The survey opens November 8.

*Link will be sent directly to clients and practitioners.

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