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asialaw Leading Lawyers features the prominent practitioners in 18 practice areas in 24 jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region. The publication is the result of an extensive online survey of house counsel and private practitioners, who can nominate up to three lawyers they believe should be in the publication and give reasons why. They can also make two nominations for lawyers termed rising stars. The research also covers the individuals mentioned in the 2018 edition of asialaw Profiles, which highlights the leading domestic firms throughout the region and was published online at the beginning of November.

Research Methodology

asialaw Leading Lawyers 2018 is based on one of the largest surveys of legal professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. In-house counsel, corporate executives and lawyers at local, regional and international law firms are participating in an online survey in November and December 2017. Respondents are being invited to nominate individual lawyers who excel in one or more of 18 practice areas based on their work and reputation. Since 2015 these have included counsel, associates and junior partners identified as rising stars in their field.

Nominations will be analysed and screened for firm, network and alliance bias, and divided into three lists according to the definitions of market leading, leading and rising star you can refer to below. The list of specialists will then be discussed and refined by the asialaw research team, based on its wide knowledge of the market.


  • A market-leading lawyer is a head of practice and / or with a management role in their firm, and has an exceptional record of client service.
  • A leading lawyer is a long established member of a practice team with a reputation for superior client service.
  • A rising star is a lawyer, including junior partner, of less than seven years’ experience who has made an immediate impact as an adviser in their practice area.


The client and practitioner survey opens November 8. The weblink to the online surveys for clients and practitioners will be open by then. The deadline to respond is December 6. For more information about the research schedule for asialaw Profiles 2018, please see here.

All personal details will remain confidential. Results will be analysed on an aggregate basis. Any comments quoted will be strictly on a no-names basis.

You can also find this year’s list of Leading Lawyers online at www.asialaw.com, which provides readers with a single comprehensive platform for sourcing the very best legal advice.

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