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Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law Finally Enacted

26 September 2022 by Makarim & Taira S - Indonesia

After extensive discussions and multiple changes to the draft bill since 2016, the Indonesian House of Representatives passed the draft bill on Personal Data Protection on 20 September 2022 (“Personal Data Protection Law”). The Personal Data Protection Law will be the basis of the regulations on personal data protection and this advisory highlights the key provisions.

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Issues in Acknowledging Rights of AI Entities in the Existing Legal Framework

23 September 2022 by LexOrbis - Joginder Singh (Partner) & Piyush Sharma (Associate Partner)

In our routine life, AI entities have found a prominent place in the form of virtual assistants. Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby are prominent examples of the presence of AI in our daily lives. Moreover, smart electronic appliances, such as Air-Conditioners, Refrigerators, Chimneys, and Television have also imbibed AI to offer preference-based operation for the convenience of the end-user. One of the most ground-breaking applications of AI is found in autonomous cars, which have recently been garnering a lot of media attention. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly, AI has become an essential part of our lives and it is quite evident that its presence and our dependence on the same will increase in the years to come.

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22 September 2022 by asialaw

asialaw's Lawyer of the Month for September 2022 is...

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Law and punitive damages in IP suits in India

20 September 2022 by Rahul Chaudhry & Partners - Vanshika Arora

In India, for intellectual property (IP) disputes, the statutes and courts have always been more focused on compensatory damages, i.e., compensating the aggrieved party to help them restore their position. This approach has led to a lack in the IP regime as it did not effectively achieve the twin objective of compensation and deterrence.

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Recent Changes to the Scope of Available Discovery in International Arbitration

05 September 2022 by Jipyong - South Korea

Corporations often turn to arbitration to manage risks of being hauled into unfamiliar national courts and unpredictable laws. An often overlooked consequence of choosing arbitration is that available discovery may be limited, as a trade-off to efficiency and cost-saving. But in many civil law jurisdictions such as South Korea, discovery practice may be more limited than arbitral proceedings seated in common law jurisdictions or governed by their laws. In this regard, discovery in U.S. litigation stands out unparalleled.

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Helmsman announces expansion to the firm’s practices in Singapore and Hong Kong to support growing demands from clients around the world

01 September 2022 by Helmsman - Singapore

Helmsman LLC is pleased to announce the firm’s official transition into a multi-disciplinary law firm servicing clients and partners throughout the Asia Pacific, Greater China and further afield.

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SSEK Assists Blackstone-backed Moonbug on Acquisition of Singapore Animation Studio Behind ‘Oddbods’

31 August 2022 by SSEK Legal Consultants

SSEK Legal Consultants, acting as Indonesian counsel, has assisted London-based media company Moonbug Entertainment on the acquisition of Singapore-based media company and production studio One Animation.

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LG Energy Solution’s IPO and Listing on the Korea Exchange’s KOSPI Market

26 August 2022 by Kim & Chang - South Korea

Kim & Chang acted as counsel for LG Energy Solution in its IPO to list its shares on the Korea Exchange's KOSPI Market. LG Energy Solution is one of the global leaders in the rechargeable battery industry with production and R&D networks around the world.

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Disclaimer as an instrument of amendment under Section 59

23 August 2022 by LexOrbis - DPS Parmar

In normal circumstances a patentee/patent applicant resists and rather abhor curtailing or pruning of the claims of their invention. The recourse to the use instrument of disclaimer is adopted by the patent applicant/patent in extreme cases where the objection to clarify the exact scope of the invention is called into question, when they are faced with the refusal /invalidity of their patent claims.

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Update on the Terms of Domestic Non-Deliverable Forward Transactions Under Indonesian Law

18 August 2022 by Makarim & Taira S - Indonesia

Bank Indonesia recently updated its regulation on domestic non-deliverable forward (DNDF) transactions. Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 24/7/PBI/2022 on Foreign Exchange Market Transactions (“BI Reg. 24/7/2022”) replaces the previous regulation on DNDF, BI Regulation No. 20/10/PBI/2018 (as amended). BI Reg. 24/7/2022 makes some noteworthy amendments on the DNDF terms and introduces new thresholds and provisions on DNDF transactions. This Advisory covers the salient key points that banks and business actors need to note in the new BI Reg. 24/7/2022.