• How does your firm add value to your clients?

 As an industry leader and innovator, we look for ways to apply our legal talents to address global challenges of our clients while serving as a role model for how a law firm should operate.  A commitment to providing top-notch client service is a key driver of growth of our law firm, and we have implemented client care standards to ensure that they are marketed throughout the firm as a continuous process.  In particular, we pay close attention to how individual cases are staffed to deliver first-class service in the most cost-effective way.


  • What is the key to maintaining long term client relationships?

 Besides taking ownership of our clients’ problems, demonstrating the highest degree of legal knowledge and skill, and advocating fearlessly on behalf of our clients – fundamental pillars of a first-class law firm – we place the utmost emphasis on honesty, openness, integrity, and consistency.  Furthering our reputation of excellence in client service, Yoon & Yang was crowned “Firm of the Year” in a record-breaking 18 practice areas by the Asian-Mena Counsel magazine, primarily based on the votes of corporate in-house counsels in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East. 


  • What internal trainings do you provide to your lawyers to ensure they maintain high standards?

 As the legal market has become more competitive, we have invested an increasing amount of time and resources into our training program.  Our newest associates undergo an intense boot-camp style training, where they learn about the firm’s culture and values and start the practice of law under close supervision from senior lawyers.  Mid-level and senior associates as well as partners are incentivized to remain on top of the latest changes in their respective fields and share their learning with clients and others in the firm. This culture encourages each practice group to dedicate significant resources to conduct independent research on cutting edge and novel areas and present its findings internally to educate our lawyers and externally to benefit our clients.  Furthermore, many of our associates are provided with scholarships to study abroad and pursue graduate degrees or professional credentials in areas of law, business or other specialties.


  • What differentiates your firm’s services from your peers?

 Our size, approach and culture have allowed us to remain nimble and to seek out new and exciting niches, particularly in cross-border investment, arbitration, anti-trust, defense industry, government relations, and healthcare.  Our client-focused values, staffing efficiency and democratic governance allow us to be flexible and versatile.


  • How do you ensure you stay relevant to your clients?

 We have achieved extraordinary results in the Asian legal market in a relatively short period, and we are endlessly expanding to meet our clients’ needs overseas.  We were the first among our peers to open an Uzbekistan office, which subsequently got our foot in the door of other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets.   We have also been operating offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi as well as a desk in Jakarta in cooperation with Amir Syamsudin & Partners.  Recently, we have been accelerating our global reach in the European and Middle Eastern markets as well.


  • Are there any changes you will implement in the near future to better serve your clients?

 We are assembling new task forces to address our clients’ evolving needs.  One of the most recent examples is the Fourth Industrial Revolution Team, comprised of experts in fintech, blockchain, smart cars, big data, AI, and contents platform network device (CPND). 


  • How do you manage the costs and budgets of your clients?

Cost efficiency is the key. We provide a higher level of visibility into the legal costs by carefully staffing each case and streamlining task flow.  This helps us to avoid duplicative work and to maintain the highest standard and efficiency.   Furthermore, we have the privilege of having in-house industry experts, in addition to the brightest of legal minds, who bring in decades of experience in governments, various industry sectors, and global organizations.  Working alongside them and borrowing from their knowledge and wisdom in the respective sectors have enabled us to take pragmatic approaches and bring down the costs dramatically in some cases.


Jinsu Jeong
serves as the firm’s managing partner and works closely with clients, attorneys, and staffs to determine and implement Yoon & Yang’s strategic growth and development plans.  Mr. Jeong is a skilled litigator with extensive experience in commercial and civil litigation as well as white-collar defense.  Prior to joining Yoon & Yang, he served in various levels of courts as a judge in the Seoul Central District Court, and Seoul Western District Court and as a judicial researcher at the Supreme Court of Korea.

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