As part of the research process for asialaw Profiles we survey buyers of legal services for their feedback on:

  • Assessment and Rating of law firms and lawyers’ quality of service and work
  • Upcoming market trends

Here is a snapshot of the data for Indonesia:

Firm attributes

We ask clients to rate law firms on the following (from 1 poor to 5 excellent):

  • Costs transparency
  • Extensive local/international network
  • Industry sector knowledge
  • Technical ability and innovation
  • Use of technology
  • Value for money
  • Client relationship management
  • Risk management


Best firm by individual attribute:

Best overall firm: 
Assegaf Hamzah & Partners

General statistics

Highest rated law firm attribute: Overall client relationship management                            

Lowest rated law firm attribute: Use of technology


Lawyer attributes

We ask clients to rate lawyers based on the following attributes (from 1 poor to 5 excellent)::

  • Communication
  • Commercial understanding
  • Country knowledge
  • Industry sector knowledge
  • Listening to and implementing feedback
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Responsiveness and accessibility
  • Technical ability


Best lawyers based on aggregate score

  • Vincent Ariesta Lie, Makarim & Taira S
  • Erwandi Hendarta, Hadiputantro Hadinoto & Partners
  • Luky Walalangi, Walalangi & Partners
  • Susie Beaumont, Hadiputantro Hadinoto & Partners
  • Mark Innis, Hadiputantro Hadinoto & Partners


General statistics

Highest rated lawyer attribute: Country Knowledge

Lowest rated lawyer attribute: Meeting Deadlines


Market feedback

Topic that concerns clients most

Regulatory or governmental changes

How law firms can assist clients:

  • Email updates, visit us and have calls to update material developments
  • Indonesia is a difficult regulatory quagmire to operate in professionally. This isn't the lawyers' fault.  But the more they can keep us locally -- and crucially our regional Head Office -- informed and up-to-date, the better
  • Provide legal advice on how the company can comply with the regulation while still retaining the flexibility for the business to maneuver.
  • They should have knowledge on many kinds of banking transaction/schemes and updated with regulations (particular with the sharia banking schemes).


Which practice area do they anticipate to give more work to external legal counsel in the next 12 months


Which practice area do they anticipate to give less work to legal counsel in the next 12 months

Restructuring & Insolvency


How can law firms improve their service to clients?

  • Improve the quality of products by proofreading any legal product to avoid bad formatting/structure and typos. 2. Improve communication with the client, so the legal advice can be more accurate
  • Adding more partners and associates
  • Be more client focused and transparent with billing
  • Be more cost efficient faster turnaround of drafts/comments
  • Being a bit more proactive in identifying and flagging risks
  • Bring on a regional partner with extensive cross-border renewable energy project experience.
  • By having a frequent sharing session event with clients
  • I think the firm should hire more lawyers because they are doing many transactions
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology development and its implementation
  • More consistency across its partners
  • More involvement of senior lawyers in important meetings with counterparties
  • More periodic updates on legal fees billed to date
  • Raise brand awareness, particularly at group company level, across China and Asia
  • Should improve their knowledge on law that can accommodate start-up businesses--even if currently there's an absence of regulating law