MHM Yangon has announced that from 10 March 2020, the firm will be rebranded as Myanmar Legal MHM. At the same time, it will relocate to a larger premise in Junction City.

Myanmar Legal MHM has been working for its Japanese and non-Japanese clients including clients from its Bangkok office since the arrival of external advisor Daw Khin Cho Kyi, who joined the firm on 1 January 2019. The team believes the change of firm name would be appropriate to reflect the way it is providing services to its clients.

With over 40 years of legal experience in the public sector as well as in private practice in Myanmar, Daw Khin Cho Kyi has acted as legal advisor for many private Myanmar and international corporate entities as well as multilateral international foundations and financial institutions as well as foreign embassies and law firms.

Co-representative partner of Myanmar Legal MHM Kana Manabe comments: “Both we and Daw Khin Cho Kyi have been delighted at the high levels of service which we have been able to provide to our clients working together. We will also continue to use our capabilities to continue to help Myanmar develop new laws and to gently encourage the authorities to align their practices more closely to the law”.