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Labour and employment

Shane Luo is a partner of Dacheng Employment Law practice team based in Shanghai. Before joining Dacheng, Shane had been a partner and a senior associate at two top tier boutique firms that both specialized in employment law. He also was seconded as an employment counsel (mainland China) for a leading Fortune 500 company.

Shane specializes in providing compound solutions by combining PRC employment law into HR practices in China. He works across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, finance, IT and retail. Shane handles the preparation of HRM-related documents, advises on HRM related law and compliance projects (including but not limited to change management, integration, senior officer appointment, ESOP/LTI, employee privacy and data protection, trade secrets protection, white-collar enforcement) as well as represents clients in labour dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration and litigation). With his expertise, he is often called upon to provide on-site support to clients on various negotiations with employees for mutual termination, workforce redundancy, strikes, collective bargaining and internal investigations.

  • Designing and updating LexisNexis China’s employment database;
  • Advised a worldwide famous IT company on its restructuring and spin-off issues and represented the client in collective labour disputes arising out of the same subsequently;
  • Advised an EU-based auto company on its relocation and employment restructuring;
  • Advised a Japanese manufacturing company on its strike case and represented the client for subsequent labour disputes;
  • Advised an EU-based chemical company on a compliance case concerning a senior officer and represented the client for subsequent serial labour disputes arising out of the same;
  • Advised an EU-based manufacturing company in seeking liquidated damages from a departing employee due to breach of service term agreement;
  • Advised and represented a local EV company on serial lawsuits against some of its managers and engineers regarding confidentiality and anti-unfair competition issues;
  • Advised and represented an EU-based retail company on a termination case due to violations of Ethic Code;
  • Advised and represented an EU-based fashion company on its collective corruption/embezzlement cases;
  • Assisted a cross-border M&A project for its due diligence and revision of Purchase Agreement matters on PRC employment law application;
  • Assisted a local high-tech public company in thoroughly updating its HRM Compliance system on documentation, policies and protocols;
  • Assisted a US-based high-tech company on conducting serial onsite compliance interviews and advised on subsequent disciplinary actions accordingly;
  • Advised an EU-based manufacturing company on redundancy and collective disputes arising out of its exit from China market;
  • Assisted a worldwide well-known pets food company on its HR affairs during the set-up of its Chinese WOFE;
  • Advised an EU-based manufacturing company on producing its protocols concerning its employee’s privacy protection;
  • Advised an EU-based marketing research company on HR integration as a result of its acquisition by another leading company in the same industry;
  • Advised an EU-based finance company on handling layoffs due to adjustment of its global strategy

  • Banking and finance
  • Competition/antitrust
  • Dispute resolution
  • Labour and employment

  • Banking and financial services
  • Industrials and manufacturing
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Technology and telecommunications

  • PRC Licensed Lawyer