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Ms. Wang is a senior lawyer and legal expert in the field of ecological environment. Currently, she serves as the vice chairman of the Environment and Energy Committee of China National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the legal adviser of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China and China Environmental Protection Foundation. Ms. Wang has been deeply committed to the field of ecological environment for nearly 20 years. She has rich experience in the field of ecological environment legislation, administrative law enforcement, response to environmental crisis and environment compliance and environmental restoration and compensation.

In the aspect of legislation of ecological environment, Ms. Wang has taken part in a series of legislation of People’s Republic of China, including Environmental Protection Law, Marine Environmental Protection Law, Water Pollution Prevention Law, Air Pollution Prevention Law, Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law, Soil Pollution Prevention Law, Administrative Punishment Law, Planning Environmental Impact Assessment Law, Pollution Control Standard of Domestic Waste Incineration, Regulation on Environmental Credit Evaluation Management, Regulation on the Management of Radioactive Waste Safety, Regulations on Environmental Risk Management of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals, Relevant Laws and Regulations on Imported Solid Wastes, Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, Measures for the Administration of Hazardous Waste Business Licenses, Measures for the Administration of Carbon Emission Trading, Provisional Regulations for the Administration of Carbon Emission Trading and Detailed Rules for the Administration of National Carbon Emission Trading Market Accounts. Ms. Wang has played a role in drafting and revising the above-mentioned laws, regulations and policies and in undertaking a series of environmental law research projects. As an environmental legal expert, she has participated in the demonstration work of numerous major and difficult environmental protection issues of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Justice.

In the aspect of the enforcement of environmental administrative law, Ms. Wang has dealt with many difficult and complicated cases of the enforcement of environmental administrative law, environmental administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation on behalf of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau and other government agencies for many years,. Furthermore, she successfully provided whole-process legal services for the first hearing procedure of environmental assessment in Beijing.

In the aspect of enterprise environmental compliance, Ms. Wang has provided dedicated legal services for many enterprises to deal with environmental crisis. She has provided all-round professional legal services for numerous administrative investigations, punishment and rectification of environmental pollution and ecological damage of many foreign-invested enterprises, central enterprises and private enterprises, as well as the undertaking of relevant civil and criminal liabilities, ecological treatment and environmental restoration.

Ms. Wang is also an experienced expert in the field of energy, mineral resources and infrastructure, which are closely related to the ecological environment, providing in-depth legal services for domestic and overseas projects of over 2 trillion yuan in project value invested by Chinese and foreign clients, including highways, subways, high-speed rails, bridges, airports, ports, docks, stadiums, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, hydropower stations, wind power, photovoltaics, petrochemicals, oil pipelines and natural gas.

1. In March 2020, Ms. Wang provided whole process legal services on the construction of International Town in Tianjin Baodi District. The total value of the project is 5 billion dollars. The client is Agile Group Holdings Limited. As the lead partner, Ms. Wang served as the attorney of the social investor.

This project is an area development project sponsored by the local government and social investors. Social Investors use their resource advantages and rich experiences in financing, industrial operation and investment promotion to invest, finance, develop, construct, promote and operate business in the Town. Local Government optimizes a friendly business environment and provides encouraging and preferential policies for projects operation in the town.

Acting as the attorney of the social investor, we assisted in the policies study, transaction structure designing, legal analysis, transaction documents drafting and revising, negotiation, etc. During the negotiation with the local government, we skillful helped our client overcome the difficulties and protected the client’s interest to the utmost extent. Our services are highly appraised by the client.
This project is a typical case of government-enterprise cooperation in area development. Restricted by the policies of public transfer of right of land-use and prohibition on land sharing, we were facing new challenges on helping the client recover their investment and obtain benefits through multiple investment methods without any violation of such regulations and achieving a win-win. The services required for high level of profession, flexibility and efficiency in the analysis of the fiscal budget and land-use system of China. We fully considered and analyzed all the characteristics and difficulties of this transaction, used the related policies flexibly to maximize the resource advantages of all partners and to carry out the cooperation legally and compliantly. The problems in this transaction reflect the conflicts between the commercial practice and the fiscal budget and land-use system, as well as profoundly reveal the barriers to government-enterprise cooperation, which have a great significance for subsequent area development projects.

2. As the lead partner, Ms. Wang provided legal services on the construction project of CCTV new site. The project is still ongoing, with a total value of 4.15 billion dollars. In the project, Ms. Wang advised CCTV on the construction project of new site (including part A of the project including the main building of CCTV and its auxiliary building, part B of the project including the Television Cultural Center and Hotel Project, part C of the project including the Media Park and underground garage) and provided a comprehensive legal service.

The total investment value of the construction project (including part A of the project including the main building of CCTV and its auxiliary building, part B of the project including the Television Cultural Center and Hotel Project, part C of the project including the Media Park and underground garage) amounts to around 26.8 billion RMB. The firm has uninterruptedly provided full legal services for this project up to 17 years. The service includes advices on issues including the legal framework designing of the relevant contracts concluded with all the entities during the construction process, its contract drafting, negotiation, project bidding, contract performance, project change, negotiation, claim and counterclaim, project guarantee, project insurance, project settlement, project acceptance and reception, project warranty, purchase of various engineering process equipment, all correspondence included in the project, and internal procedure and reporting documents within CCTV and other matters; meanwhile, the firm also provide professional and comprehensive legal services for CCTV insurance claims after the fire accident, its relocation and repair work of equipment, relevant litigation and arbitration of engineering-related disputes.

(1)The project is of great significance in the sense that the building constructed under the construction project of CCTV new site is a landmark in Beijing and even in China, which has been attracting social attention;
(2)The comprehensive legal service lasts for as long as 17 years uninterruptedly for this project, which is still continuing;
(3)The service is comprehensive and in-depth, covering all typical legal issues and legal risks encountered in the construction project, including the claim work after the fire accident of the new CCTV site, the repair work of the post-fire project and re-procurement of equipment, etc.
(4)The project involves numerous parties due to its voluminous work. The firm assisted the client in dealing with many domestic and overseas transactions with contractors, subcontractors, designers, supervision firms, cost engineering consulting firms, and suppliers of engineering equipment.
(5) In view of the long duration of the Project and the experience of fires, covid-19 and etc., the project involves numerous and complicated disputes and claims arising from all parties when final settlement.

3. As the lead partner, Ms. Wang provided legal services on Landgold’s Merger of Power China Real Estate Group Ltd. (“PCRE”). The total value of the project is 1.7 billion dollars. The client is Langold Real Estate Co., Ltd. (“Langold”, ticker:002305), a listed company and a subsidiary of Power China Construction Corporation(“PCCC”) in PCCC’s real estate sector. The project is a major asset restructuring of listed company, in which Landgold reversely merged its controlling shareholder, PCRE.

(1)This transaction integrates the resources of the real estate sector of PCCC, making Langold the only real estate development platform under PCCC, which has strategic significance for the development of PCCC’s real estate business. Langold is a listed company registered in Wuhan. Its main business is also operated in Hubei Province, which is seriously affected by covid-19. PCCC performed its responsibilities as a central enterprise and supported the hardest-hit areas of the epidemic in this transaction, which had great social significance;
(2)The plan and structure of this transaction are relatively complex, involving assets divestiture, merger, funding, etc;
(3) The target assets of this transaction are of great size, involving more than 100 subsidiaries and real estate development projects in addition to PCRE. Thanks to tireless work, we facilitated the signing of the transaction agreement with their rich experience in capital market and real estate .

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  • Chinese Lawyer’s License

  • Legal Advisor, Ministry of Finance
  • Legal Advisor, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
  • Arbitrator, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
  • Vice-Chair, China Chamber of International Commerce Environment and Energy Committee
  • Co-Chair, Inter-Pacific Bar Association Energy, Natural Resources Committee
  • Member, Climate Change Committee, International Chamber of Commerce
  • Construction Review Expert, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
  • Mediator, Mediation Center, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
  • Expert, Belt and Road Initiate Commission, Hong Kong International Arbitration Center
  • Member, Ministry of Housing and Urban & Rural Development Construction Supervision and Project Management Strategic Development Expert Panel

  • LLB, China University of Political Science and Law, 1990
  • LLM, University of International Business and Economics, 2002