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12F, Building A, West Lake Plaza of International Science & Technology,
No. 391 Wen Er Road,
310012, Zhejiang

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Quick facts:

Contact: Haiyan Cui (Kathy)
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, French
Number of lawyers: 120
Number of partners: 42

Our firm

Brighteous Law Firm was established in 2006 in Zhejiang Province by National Outstanding Lawyer, Hu Xiangfu, and his colleagues, who are all elites in their various fields of law. Brighteous has witnessed a fast development over the past 10 years and is now a large-scale comprehensive law firm that can provide all-dimensional and wide-ranging legal services for domestic and overseas clients. It has a staff of over 150 and a global cooperation network with law firms in many countries and regions.

Our professionals

There are over 120 lawyers at Brighteous Law Firm, over half of which are postgraduates. More than 20 have overseas training or an overseas education background, allowing Brighteous lawyers to provide legal services in Chinese, English, Japanese and French.

Seeking the best solutions to our clients’ legal issues is our philosophy. With high respect for this philosophy, Brighteous lawyers are diligent, efficient, and innovative. We hold professional ethics and conscientiousness in high esteem. We uphold the tenet of protecting the legal rights of our clients as our highest priority, and always endeavour to provide our clients with the best possible client experience. 

Office network

Brighteous lawyers fall into different groups based on their expertise and research emphasis. Within these speciality groups, Brighteous lawyers are able to provide high-quality and efficient professional legal services. The firm comprises eight practice groups, namely: international trade & investment, investment & financing, corporate law, intellectual property & E-commerce, construction and real estate, civil & commercial, administrative, and criminal defence.


Though litigation is our forte (with six legal treatises published), Brighteous lawyers are competent in both litigation and non-litigation services in all legal fields. For litigation and non-litigation legal affairs entrusted to us by our clients, we assemble our professionals in teams according to their specific field to satisfy the legal demands of our clients efficiently and promptly in a team-work style.

Foreign-related legal services

Our international trade and investment group has rich experience in litigation and non-litigation services in areas of international trade, cross-border investment, M&A, foreign-related intellectual property, offshore business, international financing, and so on. The group has been advising multiple foreign enterprises in numerous overseas jurisdictions, including the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and Singapore. 


Firm honours (selected):

Finalist for the Asian Legal Business Zhejiang Law Firm of the Year 2009 award 

Finalist for the Asian Legal Business China Litigation Law Firm of the Year 2010 award

Winner of the National Outstanding Law Firm award in 2011 (the highest award in the legal profession in China)

Lawyers’ honours (selected):

National Outstanding Lawyer

Top 10 Lawyers in Zhejiang

Outstanding Contribution to the Career of Zhejiang Lawyers

Outstanding Young Lawyer of Zhejiang


Outstanding Female Lawyer of Zhejiang

Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm is a full-service law firm that provides a comprehensive range of legal services, including but not limited to: corporate law, international trade & investment, construction & real estate, investment & financing, civil & commercial, intellectual property, e-commerce, employment and defence