Navaratnam Chambers




Navaratnam Chambers handles a variety of disputes including contractual, shareholders’ disputes, administrative and tax-related disputes. The firm is active in the energy and insurance sectors.

Client feedback

“Navaratnam Chambers is very efficient, highly adaptable and dynamic.” – Dispute resolution

Nahendran Navaratnam

“Highly knowledgeable and possesses the ability to advise parties on any areas of legal dispute, demonstrating impeccable legal knowledge and strategic thinking in formulating and framing claims. The firm is always willing to assist other legal counsel when dealing with complex legal issues.”

“He is extremely intelligent, incisive and committed to any brief he undertakes.”

Dispute resolution

Work highlights

Although all cases submitted during the research period remain confidential, it is noted that the firm has been active in regulatory, contract, land and insurance disputes over the past year.