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Cecil Abraham & Partners is a leading boutique dispute resolution firm known for handling commercial disputes, especially cases heard before the Federal Court of MalaysiaLed by star litigator Cecil Abraham, the team has a strong track record acting on unprecedented and landmark litigation and arbitration matters, with a focus on corporate and commercialadministrative and white-collar crime. The firm often acts for Fortune 500 companies, media conglomerates, government-linked companies, high net-worth individuals, and not-for-profit entities and charities. 

Client feedback 

Excellent quality of advice, very timely response. – Dispute resolution 

Branding, eminent counsel and industry knowledge and promptness of reply and attention to the case. – Dispute resolution 

“The lawyers did many things extremely well. We were treated exquisitely throughout the entire process, with an international education that not all firms have. They explained to us with rigorous detail and patience all the legal details that contextualized our conflict, even without charging for it, so that we could realistically manage our expectations and know our options. They were able to express an opinion on whether it was possible to be successful. They were concerned that we did not incur unnecessary expenses, even at the expense of their own interests. The aim of service and the speed of execution was impressive. They carried out what was agreed with diligence (the costs for us clearly explained) and we obtained a positive result from our actions. – Dispute resolution 

In two words strategy and implementation. The ability to stand back and really look at what will work and what will not, then the fortitude to obtain the best offence or defence position in the implementation stage. – Dispute resolution 

The lawyers are professional, responsive and able to provide sound advice. – Dispute resolution 

Sunil Abraham 

Excellent, practical advice. 

Aniz Amirudin 

In-depth expert knowledge, very meticulous and very prompt in attending to matters. 

The ability to combine industry, technical and legal analysis to optimise results.