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Skyrocketing Material Prices’ Impact on Construction Contracts and Impending Amendment to Korean Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act

04 October 2022 by Jipyong - South Korea

While the global economy is suffering from COVID-19 related recession and political unrest, the construction industry has been hit especially hard by surging prices of materials and wages. Subcontractors in particular are suffering huge losses. To cushion the harsh blow to contractors and subcontractors, the Korean government has introduced a mechanism called “Supply Cost Linkage System” effective September 2022. Through this system, increases in raw material prices can be automatically reflected and incorporated into construction costs. This system, however, is not mandatory under the current law, and several bills to amend the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act (the “Subcontracting Act”) are being introduced one after another.

News & Analysis

Recent Changes to the Scope of Available Discovery in International Arbitration

05 September 2022 by Jipyong - South Korea

Corporations often turn to arbitration to manage risks of being hauled into unfamiliar national courts and unpredictable laws. An often overlooked consequence of choosing arbitration is that available discovery may be limited, as a trade-off to efficiency and cost-saving. But in many civil law jurisdictions such as South Korea, discovery practice may be more limited than arbitral proceedings seated in common law jurisdictions or governed by their laws. In this regard, discovery in U.S. litigation stands out unparalleled.

News & Analysis

LG Energy Solution’s IPO and Listing on the Korea Exchange’s KOSPI Market

26 August 2022 by Kim & Chang - South Korea

Kim & Chang acted as counsel for LG Energy Solution in its IPO to list its shares on the Korea Exchange's KOSPI Market. LG Energy Solution is one of the global leaders in the rechargeable battery industry with production and R&D networks around the world.

News & Analysis

Financial Regulation Innovation: Policy Direction of FSC

16 August 2022 by Lee & Ko - South Korea

Lee & Ko’s Digital Finance Team takes a close look at the establishment of the Financial Regulation Innovation Council, the direction of the financial regulation innovation announced by the Financial Services Commission, and the points to consider in relation to future improvements to financial regulations.

News & Analysis

New Administration Displays Its Strong Will to Promote Digital Health

15 August 2022 by Lee & Ko - South Korea

Further to the 110 national initiatives for the new administration announced on May 3, 2022 (see our newsletter dated May 10, 2022), the government released a more detailed plan to promote digital health on July 27, 2022 (the Plan). The Plan was jointly prepared by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Ministry of Food and Safety.

News & Analysis

Regulation of Digital Assets – Now and Future

01 August 2022 by Jipyong - South Korea

The digital asset market was recently hit by the Terra (LUNA) crash and the Celsius withdrawal freeze. It was further shaken by the global economic downturn and austerity measures. With 5.58 million cryptocurrency investors and 1,256 listed cryptocurrencies, and average daily cryptocurrency transactions amounting to KRW 11 trillion, Korea’s KRW 55 trillion digital asset market was hardly unaffected by this crisis. Consequently, the need to enact laws on digital assets has become ever more crucial.

News & Analysis

Should Hong Kong businesses be resetting their integrity agenda?

25 July 2022 by LC Lawyers

COVID-19 disrupted businesses globally and impacted the way they operate, with knock on effects on employees, counterparties and customers. Amid the turmoil, new opportunities and challenges emerged, some posing difficult ethical dilemmas affecting future viability and success of businesses. These factors created a perfect storm for misconduct. Two plus years on, we are starting to see its impact on businesses and their personnel.

News & Analysis

Introduction to a Revolutionary Reform of the Patent Remedy System in Taiwan

20 July 2022 by Tsai Lee & Chen - Taiwan

The currently effective Patent Act is the version of 2013. There were several revisions over the years, while the comprehensive structure of examination system remains largely constant. Yet the patent remedy regime implemented in the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (“TIPO”) will inevitably embrace an enormous change followed by a draft of amendment (“Draft”) ready to enter the parliament. Inclusive of 40 articles revised, 29 added, and 7 deleted, the Draft marks a change of largest scale to the patent system since 2013.

News & Analysis

Han Kun releases its 2021 VC/PE Deal Data Analysis Report

19 July 2022 by Han Kun Law Offices - China

Biomedicine remained the No.1 investment destination, FIE structures increasingly favored by dealmakers in onshore transactions Han Kun Law Offices has released the Han Kun 2021 VC/PE Deal Data Analysis Report (English edition, the “Report”).

News & Analysis

Long Service Payment and Severance Payment in Hong Kong - Abolishment of Offsetting Arrangement

05 July 2022 by LC Lawyers

The Government passed the Employment and Retirement Schemes Legislation (Offsetting Arrangement) (Amendment) Bill 2022 on 9 June 2022 to abolish the use of the accrued benefits of employers' mandatory contributions under the Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) System to offset severance payment (“SP”) and long service payment (“LSP”). While this development is welcome by employees, certain preparation should be made by Hong Kong employers especially for those whose workforce experiences low turnover.