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Legal Excellence: Meet the Lawyer of the Month for September 2023

19 September 2023 by asialaw

September 2023's Lawyer of the Month is a legal expert who has demonstrated exceptional excellence in their field. This article takes a closer look at their achievements and what sets them apart.

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Shailyamanyu Singh joins Anand and Anand as a Partner Designate in IP and Corporate Practice.

26 September 2023 by Anand and Anand

Shailyamanyu Singh has 24 years of legal experience and started his career as a Litigation counsel in Punjab & Haryana High Court and an IP practice.

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Creating Milestones in Indian Equity Capital Markets

15 September 2023 by JSA - India

We are happy to share that JSA’s Capital Markets team have assisted in 18 deals between March 2023 and August 2023

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Discovery vs Mere Discovery under Patent Law

11 September 2023 by LexOrbis - DPS Parmar

The term discovery is used in Section 3 (c) and Section 3 (d) of the Patents Act 1970, but it is not defined under the act and the Patent Rules 2003

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Press Release: JSA Strengthens Chennai Office with Commercial Law Advisors Integration

07 September 2023 by J Sagar Associates - India

September 07, 2023: We are delighted to announce that Chennai-based law firm Commercial Law Advisors (“CLA”) will be merging with JSA with effect from 1 October 2023.

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Civil Court Lacks Jurisdiction to Determine Validity of Registered Plant Variety

03 August 2023 by LexOrbis - India : Manisha Singh (Partner) & Neha Ruhela (Senior Associate)

In India, the protection of plant varieties is outside the purview of the patent system.

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mRNA Vaccines: A Breakthrough Technology

11 July 2023 by LexOrbis - India: Manisha Singh (Partner) & Vaneet Kaur (Senior Associate)

RNA molecules have been utilized as therapeutic and research tools for more than two decades, with the usage ranging from in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA, small interference RNA (siRNA), RNA aptamers, riboswitches, and antisense RNA to the recently developed mRNA vaccines.

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Patenting Molecular Diagnostics

17 May 2023 by LexOrbis - DPS Parmar

The patent eligibility in every jurisdiction differs in content and form. It perhaps finds its justification in the stage of development the country is placed in relation to inventions of new technology or its adoption by the state technology groups.

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LexOrbis Successfully Hosts 5th edition of the AIPLA Women in IP Global Networking Event 2023

09 May 2023 by LexOrbis - India

On April 28, 2023, the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi was abuzz with over 100+ women professionals from different segments, all in attendance for the Women in IP Global Networking Event 2023 hosted by LexOrbis on behalf of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA).

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Product Hopping and Ever-Greening of Patents in India

20 April 2023 by LexOrbis - Arun Kumar (Managing associate)

The Indian pharmaceutical market is one of the largest markets in the globe, both in terms of production and consumption. Several changes have been made to the patent and competition law due to the increasing challenges in the pharmaceutical market that directly impact the profit margin of pharmaceutical manufacturers. To increase these margins, pharmaceutical product manufacturing firms employ a variety of strategies. This article investigates the concept of “product hopping” and compares it with the practice of patent evergreening.