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Patent Application Filing Trend in India

12 April 2022 by Ms. Manisha Singh (Partner) and Dr. Niharika Kumaria (Managing Associate)

The world is facing the wave of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) yet there is an improvement in intellectual property (IP) filing in India with a 6% increase in application for patents and 15% in trademarks.

News & Analysis

Knowledge capital: Speaking of Wolves and vultures!

04 February 2022 by DPS Parmar [Former Technical Member (Patents), erstwhile Intellectual Property Appellate Board Special Counsel, LexOrbis]

Knowledge capital of an entity dependents on the inventive activity every inventor they hire or have.

News & Analysis

Delhi High Court ruled in favour of Agatha Christie’s celebrated novel “And Then There Were None”

20 January 2022 by Manisha Singh (Partner) and Surabhi Oberoi (Associate)

In the recent case of Agatha Christie Limited vs Registrar of Trade Marks, the Delhi High court quashed the order of the Deputy Registrar of Trade Marks refusing the registration of the trademark “And Then There Were None".

News & Analysis

Draft Rules Governing Overseas Investments: An Overview

17 December 2021 by Mini Raman (Partner) and Angelina Talukdar (Senior Associate)

Overseas Investments by persons resident in India are presently governed by the Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of any Foreign Security) Regulations, 2004.

News & Analysis

Decoding patenting of ‘code of life’

25 October 2021 by Mr. DPS Parmar [Former Technical Member (Patents), erstwhile Intellectual Property Appellate Board; Special Counsel, LexOrbis]

One must understand that the patent eligibility of a subject matter such as human gene / gene sequence being a question of law and fact can be decided on case-to-case basis only.

News & Analysis

Patentability of inventions involving usage of radioactive substances?

18 February 2021 by LexOrbis

Patentability of inventions involving usage of radioactive substances?

News & Analysis

Products of artificial intelligence: Thinking aloud creativity and innovation

04 July 2019 by Asia law

When Hitachi design a nose cone for the Japanese bullet train using AI which improved aerodynamic performance and reduced cabin noise levels we realised that new era of innovation has arrived where creation would no longer be the handiwork of mankind but also of intelligent machines.

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asialaw Profiles 2019: Client Feedback on Individual Lawyers

12 November 2018 by Asia law

Client Feedback on Private Practitioners across the Asia-Pacific Region

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Moves and updates of the week of Mar.6

07 March 2017 by Asia law

LexOrbis opens office in Mumbai