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News & Analysis

Telecommunications network security obligations get tougher in Australia

16 January 2017 by Asia law

Australia is ramping up its network security rules for the telecommunications industry. The Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment

News & Analysis

High hopes for Vietnam’s capital markets in 2017

09 January 2017 by Asia law

Vietnam is hoping the combination of a relaxation of foreign investment rules, for, stock exchange growth, a push for state-owned enterprises

News & Analysis

Indonesia adds incentives for biomass and biogas development

05 January 2017 by Asia law

Indonesia’s new regulation on the purchase of electricity from biomass and biogas power plant is a

News & Analysis

Philippines outlines five-year IP rights action plan

12 December 2016 by Asia law

The IP Office of the Philippines has revealed its five year strategic plan, the IPR Action Plan 2017-2022

News & Analysis

Risks for Chinese investors in the One Belt One Road initiative

05 December 2016 by Asia law

In 2015, China invested $14.8 billion in 49 One Belt One Road (OBOR) countries.

News & Analysis

Even without TPP, Trump presidency promises increased activity for lawyers

01 December 2016 by Asia law

Even during his presidential campaign, the potential of a Trump presidency sent jitters across Asian markets.

News & Analysis

What does Hong Kong’s competition ordinance mean for business?

24 November 2016 by Asia law

Hong Kong’s Competition Ordinance came into force on December 14 2015.

News & Analysis

Top M&A trends to watch for in Australia in 2017

16 November 2016 by Asia law

Australia has seen some of the biggest and controversial M&A transactions in the Asia-Pacific region in 2016.

News & Analysis

What’s stopping crowdfunding from taking off in Hong Kong?

11 November 2016 by Asia law

By matching investors to businesses, crowdfunding can use the power of many to fuel a business looking

News & Analysis

Renewable energy sector offers bright spot for Mongolia

10 November 2016 by Asia law

Mongolia is looking to renewable energy to help ween it off the need for energy imports from Russia and China