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Malaysia: Time and Costs Issues in The Construction Industry Arising from The Movement Control Order

06 August 2021 by Shearn Delamore & Co

In view of the COVID-19, the Malaysian government implemented the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) effective throughout Malaysia from 18 March 2020 to 31 March 20201.

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asialaw Client Service Excellence 2021: The highest rated law firms to work with

16 April 2021 by Asialaw

The most successful law firms go to great lengths to ensure they provide their clients with consistent and high quality service.

News & Analysis

Malaysia: Importance of Getting Your Employees to Acknowledge Receipt of Any Notice on Changes to the Company’s Policies

01 April 2021 by Shearn Delamore & Co

It is inevitable that throughout the operations of businesses, policies and rules within the established businesses would go through changes, either to implement a change in the applicable laws and regulations, or to improve the company’s internal policies in order to enhance its operations.

News & Analysis

V&T sets up Haikou and Nanjing offices/万商天勤开设海口、南京办公室

27 November 2020 by Asia law

V&T Law Firm has set up its Haikou office and Nanjing office, respectively becoming its ninth and tenth branch in China.

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Bird & Bird ATMD welcomes disputes partner

08 October 2020 by Asia law

The firm grows its dispute resolution practice in Singapore

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asialaw Profiles and asialaw Leading Lawyers 2021 - NOW LIVE

05 October 2020 by Asia law

asialaw Profiles and asialaw Leading Lawyers 2021 edition is LIVE!

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Tahota opens branch office in Wuhan after Covid-19 outbreak

08 June 2020 by Asia law

It is the first firm to set up a new office in China since the coronavirus pandemic

News & Analysis

Nishimura enters formal law alliance in Singapore

05 June 2020 by Asia law

The first Japanese law firm to enter the formal law alliance in Singapore

News & Analysis

China V&T Law Firm welcomes new partners

03 June 2020 by Asia law

Partners join the firm’s offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hangzhou

News & Analysis

Issues relating to controlling shareholders in a listing application

26 May 2020 by Asia law

Prior to going public, it is very common for a company to be owned entirely or substantially by its founders and/or early investors, which are the “controller shareholders” of a listing applicant.