Singularity Legal is hosting a quarterly training series under the banner of Expert Talk, an initiative seeking to provide quality continued digital education to professionals, through freely accessible webinars, and a digital library of blogs, alerts, insights and talks on dispute resolution and litigation finance. The series is to help clients and peers navigate complex disputes.

The first in the series is a webinar on ‘Digital Assets Disputes Demystified’.

The world of digital assets is in a continuous state of development, fueled by a combination of technological innovation, financial speculation, and a desire for greater financial autonomy and privacy. The staggering growth of the sector as well as frauds, bankruptcies and investigations have led to an increase in disputes and regulation in this sector.

The nascent and volatile nature of digital assets breeds uncertainty in its functionalities, modes of resolution and rights available to users and third parties alike. While jurisprudence around the world is fast catching up to this reality and elucidating the nuances of these fine points as we speak, questions still remain. Digital assets require a unique approach as compared to traditional assets with respect to dispute resolution fora, investigation, prosecution, litigation finance, insolvencies, and enforcement.

The webinar will explore the intricacies, best practices and solutions for resolving disputes involving digital assets including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, decentralised finance, and stablecoins; and metaverse. The webinar will also discuss the best ways to strategize a dispute, practical solutions to concerns while litigating disputes and the alternatives available to resolve them.

The webinar boasts of an enviable list of panelists with some of the sharpest legal practitioners who specialize in cutting edge technology, bringing their expertise to the fore. The panelists are Mr. Prateek Bagaria, Partner, Singularity Legal; Ms. Sinem Mermer, Partner, Boden Law; Cemal Araalan, Of Counsel, CBC Law Firm; Mr. Roman Bieda, Head of Fraud Investigation, Coinfirm Limited; Mr. Montek Mayal, Partner and Practice Head, Osborne Partners and Mr. Stuart King, Head of Research & Co-Portfolio Manager, Fulcrum Capital.

The webinar is supported by Istanbul Arbitration Centre, Delos Dispute Resolution, and ThoughtLeaders4.

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Singularity is an Asia and Africa focused international disputes boutique, established in August 2017. Since then, we have handled over US$ 8 billion in cross-border disputes across jurisdictions and industries, including digital assets. Singularity Legal is now licensed to practice as legal consultants in the UAE, including as solicitors before the courts at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM).

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