We are happy to share that JSA’s Capital Markets team have assisted in 18 deals between March 2023 and August 2023 and has been part of the recent listings including, Senco Gold, Yatharth Hospitals, Aether Industries, Bank of Maharashtra and Data Patterns and recent filings including Cello World, Inox India, DOMS Industries, Shiva Pharmachem, Park Hotels, Western Carriers, Fedbank Financials, Credo Brands, SPC Life Sciences, EPACK Durables, SAMHI hotels, Zaggle Prepaid and Stanley Lifestyles.

We are humbled by the trust that the issuers, selling shareholders and book runners have had in our team in a difficult market. A big thank you to our entire team, without whose tireless work and sleepless nights none of this would be possible.


JSA extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Capital Markets Team for their exceptional leadership in successfully executing these remarkable transactions.

JSA BrandComm