As part of the research process for asialaw Profiles we survey buyers of legal services for their feedback on:

  • Assessment and Rating of law firms and lawyers’ quality of service and work
  • Upcoming market trends

Here is a snapshot of the data for Malaysia:

Firm attributes

We ask clients to rate law firms on the following (from 1 poor to 5 excellent):

  • Costs transparency
  • Extensive local/international network
  • Industry sector knowledge
  • Technical ability and innovation
  • Use of technology
  • Value for money
  • Client relationship management
  • Risk management


Best firm by individual attribute

  • Costs transparency: Donovan & Ho
  • Extensive local/international network: Christopher & Lee Ong
  • Industry sector knowledge: Adnan Sundra & Low
  • Technical ability and innovation: Adnan Sundra & Low, Donovan & Ho (tie)
  • Use of technology: Christopher & Lee Ong
  • Value for money: Christopher & Lee Ong
  • Client relationship management: Chooi & Company + Cheang & Ariff (CCA Law), Donovan & Ho, MahWengKwai & Associates
  • Risk management: Adnan Sundra & Low


Best overall firms by aggregate score


General statistics:

Highest rated law firm attribute: Overall client relationship management                            

Lowest rated law firm attribute: Use of technology


Lawyer attributes

We ask clients to rate lawyers based on the following attributes (from 1 poor to 5 excellent)::

  • Communication
  • Commercial understanding
  • Country knowledge
  • Industry sector knowledge
  • Listening to and implementing feedback
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Responsiveness and accessibility
  • Technical ability


Best lawyers based on aggregate score

  1. Indran Shanmuganathan, Shearn Delamore
  2. Cindy Goh, Chooi & Company + Cheang & Ariff 
  3. Adrian Chee, Adnan Sundra & Low; Adrian Koh, MahWengKwai & Associates
  4. Jack Chor, Christopher & Lee Ong
  5. Lim Jo Yan, Lim Jo Yan & Co
  6. Tan Ming Li, Chooi & Company + Cheang & Ariff 
  7. Shawn Ho, Donovan & Ho
  8. Yoong Sin Min, Shook Lin & Bok
  9. Chris Hemingway, Marks & Clerk
  10. Denise Phang, MahWengKwai & Associates


General statistics

Highest rated lawyer attribute: Communication

Lowest rated lawyer attribute: Industry Sector Knowledge


Market feedback

Topic that concerns clients most

Regulatory or governmental changes

How law firms can assist clients:

  • Always keep up to date on the regulation and changes implemented.
  • Be the liaison with regulators to shape the legal framework for the financial industry based on the current development of the industry
  • Insights of the thought process of regulators (and new and potential legal and regulatory changes) in and outside of Malaysia
  • Keep us up-to-date on the changes and its impact and implications on the industry.
  • Provide briefings or a snapshot summary of any key changes to facilitate quicker understanding
  • Provide examples of court cases (local and foreign) to help reader understand the basis of law
  • The external counsel will assist to prepare Court's work and paper for any non-compliance from our licensee.
  • To provide solutions towards the regulatory or governmental changes which may impact the business and operations of our group


Which practice area do they anticipate to give more work to external legal counsel in the next 12 months

Dispute Resolution

Which practice area do they anticipate to give less work to legal counsel in the next 12 months:

No clear trend


Which one jurisdiction in Asia-Pacific do you wish you had more business information about to improve your work performance?

1) Indonesia 2) Singapore 3) China


How can law firms improve their service to clients?

  • In the area that they are advising MCMC, knowledge is Economics is relevant. Although some of their senior partners have acquired such knowledge, there is room for improvement
  • Ability to resolve and negotiate for best terms for and on our behalf. Ability to react promptly and keep us well advised on options available and its consequences for immediate commercial decision
  • Act as one firm. Stay reachable. Build and retain talent
  • Coaching the witness to anticipate questions from the defendant's lawyer and provide appropriate reply during cross-examination especially for the individual who attends court hearing as witness for the first time, if that is possible
  • Consistency at associate level
  • Have an on-line IP database management system for easy accessibility by the clients.
  • Improve on the affiliation with other international law firms
  • Improve turnaround time
  • increase adoption of technology
  • Keep on updating cases status to clients without being reminded/asked. Monthly by email will do
  • Perhaps better research capabilities to be able to cite local and foreign cases to help client build a more robust case
  • Perhaps the firm should make itself more affordable to SME companies as well
  • The firms strengths can be further complimented by adoption of legal tech
  • The law firm can improve its services by more pro-actively adopted technological and digital advances. Admittedly, this is not common in the trade in this jurisdiction, Malaysia and they stand on par with other top firms in this respect.
  • To improve the feedback speed when the lawyers in business trip
  • Expand your team with good attributes and EQ, alongside the knowledge and experience
  • Would prefer a little more clarity in terms of costings before any work or billings has been initiated