As part of the asialaw Profiles research process, we survey law firm clients.

The survey asks clients to:

  • Profile themselves and the company they work for
  • Rate law firms and the lawyers they worked with for their service quality
  • Future market trends

From this data we are able to obtain a comprehensive view how buyers of legal services view the legal market.

We are able to breakdown the data and provide an Intelligence Report for a law firm at the following levels:
  • Regional
  • Jurisdictional
  • Industry
  • Practice area
  • Firm
  • Individual lawyer

Please click to view a sample report from the 2019 edition research data.

The asialaw Intelligence Report will include 1) a breakdown of the data received in a simple and informative way 2) our analysis of the information and 3) an action plan for your firm to consider.

The information can benefit to your firm in the following ways:

1) Business Development Strategy:
 - Future Market Trends:
What buyers of legal services consider to be the market trends for the coming year and what steps can your law firm take to prepare for this
 - Learn what concerns/issues they have that affects their role so your law firm can provide solutions

2) Client Service Delivery:
 - Law Firm Service Quality Ratings:
How do your client’s rate your firm’s service and what are their comments? Identify areas your firm performs well/could improve on and implement solutions

 - Lawyer Service Quality Ratings:
How did the client rate individual lawyers for the work they provided? Identify areas individual lawyers performed well/could improve on and implement solutions. This can be used for performance reviews and training

 - External benchmarking:
We are able to provide a comparison of your law firm’s scores with your peers so you can see if your law firm is above or below the jurisdictional average

 - Marketing and Client Proposals:
Aside from legal expertise, it is obvious buyers of legal services care about the service quality. Your law firm is able to use the information in this Intelligence Report as another differentiator as to why they should consider your firm above your peers.

How to obtain the asialaw Intelligence Report?

  • The data will be taken from the asialaw Profiles 2020 edition research process. This means your firm will have to pre-order the report before the research process starts in early March. Your law firm only has to supply client referees as part of the normal process.
  • In order to provide your firm with a comprehensive and meaningful report for internal benchmarking we suggest the minimum of 15 of your clients will need to participate. We will keep you updated if the number of respondents falls short of this figure.

The cost of the report is $5,000USD.

Please click to view a sample report from the 2019 edition research data.

We only supply asialaw Profiles with our best clients for feedback. By providing more clients will this have a negative effect on our rankings?

A: In the editorial submissions your firm can provide us with separate lists. One for the rankings and another for the report. Both sets of data will be used in the report.

Q: Will the report reveal specific client details?

A: No, we respect that client’s provide us with feedback on a confidential basis so all information provided in the report will be non-attributable.

Q: We already have an internal system to collect client feedback, what makes the asialaw Intelligence Report different?

A: Based on the number of negative feedback we receive respondents are more likely to provide unbiased feedback to an independent research company. In addition, our question sets are also likely to be broader than an individual law firms. It is also doubtful you will be able a law firm can produce/obtain external benchmarking.

Please click to view a sample report from the 2019 edition research data.