We are pleased to announce that the definitive guide to Asia's leading law firms and lawyers, asialaw 2023, is now live.

asialaw's 2023 edition provides law firm recommendations and editorial analysis of key practice areas and industry sectors across 23 jurisdictions.


Practice areas:

General business law (covers all practice areas in smaller jurisdictions) - Banking and finance - Capital markets - Competition/antitrust - Construction - Corporate and M&A - Dispute resolution - Regulatory - Intellectual property - Labour and employment - Investment funds - Private client - Private equity - Restructuring and insolvency -Tax

Industry sectors:

Aviation and shipping - Banking and financial services - Consumer goods and services - Energy - Industrials and manufacturing - Infrastructure - Insurance - Materials - Media and entertainment - Mining - Oil and gas - Pharmaceuticals and life sciences - Private client - Real estate - Technology and telecommunications



Our rankings are based on three key criteria:

(i) Work evidence – gleaned from firm submissions and press releases;

(ii) Client feedback – all client referees submitted to us are invited to take part in a survey where they can rate and comment on the firm’s they have used; and

(iii) Peer feedback – our research team conducts hundreds of interviews with lawyers to gather their feedback on the market and our rankings.

We are a qualitative survey and we look, so while we take deal and case value and volumes into account the rankings are not determined by these factors. Please visit our methodology page for more information.


What is included

Our law firm rankings are stratified into the following tiers based on evaluation criteria: Outstanding, Highly recommended, Recommended, Recognised and Notable.

The profile for each firm features key details to illuminate strengths. You will find highlights of representative work, notable clients served, and feedback garnered from clients on engagements. The firm analysis section under each jurisdiction page is organised alphabetically by practice area/industry sector for simple location of relevant firms. We aim to equip you with the insights necessary to assess organisational fit through these transparent reviews.

We hope asialaw 2023 will prove useful and assist you in identifying the most appropriate firm for your needs.


Leading Lawyers definitions

Senior statesman: These senior practitioners have built a strong reputation over many years through exemplary work and experience. They remain highly influential in their field, with extensive track records demonstrating enduring expertise that continues to shape the market.

Elite practitioner: These exceptional lawyers exhibit unmatched leadership as visionaries within their domains. Boasting an impeccable record of groundbreaking work, they continue to set the standard for excellence domestically and abroad. Peers uniformly acknowledge their preeminence, citing consistently transcendent results that cement their reputations as the undisputed champions of their specialty or nation.

Distinguished practitioner: These lawyers have earned widespread respect among peers for their proven expertise and consistent track record of success. With a well-established reputation reinforced by glowing client testimonials, they guide organisations and shape outcomes through strategic leadership of high-profile deals and disputes that cement their place among the foremost authorities in the field.

Rising star: These lawyers are rising rapidly in their field, gaining recognition as ones poised for further success. In the formative stages of establishing themselves, they have ably supported sizable transactions and disputes, cultivating experience that augurs well for expanded prominence. Showing great potential through their early career accomplishments, these 'ones-to-watch' lawyers demonstrate all the hallmarks of future market leaders deserving of closer attention.

Notable practitioner: These lawyers have developed reputations within their field through consistent involvement in notable matters. They have received positive feedback from both peers and clients acknowledging their contributions.


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We hope asialaw 2023 assists you in identifying the most suitable law partners across the region. Please let us know if you require any other details.

Thank you,
The asialaw team