As part of the asialaw research process, we survey buyers of legal services to obtain feedback on the work and services they received on the law firms they used. 1,026 law firm clients participated in our client feedback survey in the 2019 research cycle. We are pleased to publish the feedback received on individual lawyers.

We would like to express our gratitude to those who participated. Your feedback will assist your peers in their choice of legal counsel.

Congratulations to the private practice lawyers who received positive feedback from their clients!


Harmers Workplace Lawyers


Emma Prichard                  “Good analytical brain with great people skills.”


Greg Robertson                “Excellent knowledge and provides very clear recommendations that are easy to understand. Always available to help.”            


Michael Harmer                “We have worked with this leader since 1989, when he was a junior lawyer with Freehills. He has never once disappointed. He has built a team of talented lawyers around him; many of whom we have formed long term professional relationships with over the years. Michael is very generous about giving his staff development opportunities and this has paid off in terms of staff retention.”  


Sandra Marks                    “Excellent performer.” 


Sparke Helmore              

Holly McAdam                  “Holly is a fantastic lawyer, who has a rare ability to mix a personable style with a keen and insightful mind. She is a market leader in complex government commercial work, in my view.”    


John Coorey                       “John is a seasoned practitioner that has an uncanny knack of getting to the point of matters quickly and driving outcomes that are efficient, cost effective and fair.” 


Laura Rush                          “She is excellent in her work. She has been very helpful with our case. Sending us feedback and bouncing things off us when they needed instructions on a particular issue. She is easy to communicate with and she is always prompt in responding to our queries. I do not see any weakness of Ms Rush and I would 100% recommend her to any of my family or friends that needs a lawyer in Australia.”


Tim Castle                           “Great case management skills and provides good direction to his clients and staff. Skilful in constructing successful arguments and advice as well as having the ability to bring successful outcomes within an acceptable fee range. Responsive to his clients' needs.”


Angus Henderson                            “Angus has extensive experience in the telecommunications, IT and media sectors. He can pick up issues very quickly and understands the approach and what is required.”       



A S & Associates

Ferdausur Rahman                          “He is one of the leading experts of internal control, policy governance and employment issues. We have found him to live up to his reputation and he is the most efficient lawyer I have come across in my professional career in higher management. His ability to go beyond the basic need and to formulate legal strategy has benefited the business enormously.”


“Very articulate and responsive. He knows what he is talking about.”


“We have found his personalised approach to be outstanding. His creativity and industry knowledge has impressed me the most. I have also found his negotiation skills to be very efficient. I am also pleased with his leadership qualities and effective team management style.” 


“Rahman has been the most conscientious in seeking to satisfy the needs of the project. He evidently has good access to senior officials in the various government agencies involved and has been effective both in analysing the existing legislative framework and identifying issues relating to proposed changes in working practices. He has also shown a realistic appreciation of the practical experience of investors in dealing with those agencies.”  


“His analysis has been well-structured so as to meet the needs of others involved in the project and the work planned efficiently.”


Sattar & Co

Sameer Sattar                    “Very good political and commercial connections with an understanding of international standards.”


“Provides very relevant and practical advice.”


“Very commercial and prompt.”


“Very detail oriented and his experience in arbitration has been invaluable in ensuring that we could get the best deal out of the last agreement.”"   



Dr Colin Ong Legal Services

Colin Ong                             “He is articulate, strategic and he understood the dynamics of evolving issues of the client.” 


“He has an excellent grasp of legal knowledge and good application to various possible scenarios.” "               



Bun & Associates

Antoine Fontaine                             “Extremely good in listening to the customer needs and always brings added value within a professional recommendations frame.”


Youdy Bun                           “Has a strong network among national banks of Cambodia. He is well respected in the finance sector. He is the best lawyer in Cambodia and our first choice.”


“Youdy’s experience and visibility within the telecoms and ICT sector and in the country as a whole has led his firm to be one of the most prominent legal firms in relation to this field of work.”


“Becoming slowly what a long term lawyer is. Not only a lawyer but a trusted adviser. Our relationship is as such evolving into incredible journey of trust, progress based on mutually understandable commercial terms.”


“Youdy is an extraordinarily talented lawyer with a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape in Cambodia who provides invaluable, clear and astute commercial and legal advice.”


“He is very detailed oriented, has a great knowledge of the banking industry and is up to date with regulatory issues within the country.” " 


R&T Sok & Heng

Heng Chhay                        “Fast, comprehensive and has solutions to the matters.”


“Extremely professional and well versed in multiple business concepts. Easy to communicate with engaging leadership and management.” "            


Hout Sotheary                   “Understands customers' requirements and good at managing client relationships.”        


Tiv Sophonnaroth                            “Excellent, responsible, responsive, kind, willing to advise, nice and friendly, well rounded and experienced.”       


Tiv Sophonnora                “He has an excellent service mind and legal expertise.” 


Tilleke & Gibbins

David Mol                            “Excellent technical knowledge and follow up.” 



Leung Seng                         “Prompt response and professional advice on employment regulations and tax implications.”               


Potim Yun                           “Excellent knowledge and fast response.”            


Vinaya Law Firm

Chanlino Pak                      “Very efficient.”               



AnJie Law Firm

Dong Xiao                            “Excellent and professional.”     


Zhan Hao                             “Highly experienced in insurance legal service and compliance service.” 


Co-effort Law Firm

Chenguang Ma                  “Lays things out in a clear, straightforward and easy to understand manner. Skilled at assisting companies in complex deals.”    


Commerce & Finance Law Offices

Qiang Cui                             “Very dedicated, experienced and professional. Has excellent communication skills with the management.” 


East & Concord Partners

Dajin Li                  “His experience in dispute resolution is super. His understanding of the legal system and political system in China is great. He is a highly respected lawyer in China.”


Xiaoyan Liu and Jian Kang                             “They are responsive, efficient and very capable. Moreover, they are grounded and give actionable solutions.”


Fangda Partners

Frank Fan                            “Professional and diligent.”

Kate Yin                                “Very good subject matter knowledge.”

“Excellent work product, completely bilingual in English and Chinese which is rare in this market.”"               


Melody Wang                    “Melody Wang and her team are excellent.”       


Michael Han                       “He is very client oriented.”       


Nuo Ji                    “Sensible and technical. Help bridge gap in negotiations.”             


Richard Guo and Zhen Chen                        “Experienced in domestic fund formation and have good reputations.”   


Tony Xiang                          “Very reliable and trust worthy.”             


Global Law Office

Alan Zhou                            “Practical advice and good skill in communication and risk balance.”

“Alan Zhou is experienced in the healthcare industry and provides solution-oriented advices.”


Liam Yu                                 “Good understanding of the PE business and can provide professional services.”


Xuemei Liu                          “Excellent skill and knowledge in banking.”


Guantao Law Firm

George Lee                         “George has great communication skills - he listens and understands clients’ requirements before communicating the appropriate legal advice.”     


Han Kun Law Offices

Chaoyin Li                            “Highly professional, profound knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in M&A, IPOs and other capital markets matters. Effective communication, excellent time management and solution driver.”


Charles Li                             “Very talented problem solver. Plugged into the local sector and gives cutting edge advice.”


Dafei Chen                          “Mr Chen is extremely good at communicating with clients and deeply understands clients' commercial priorities. With extensive experience in the capital markets, he can promptly provide a solution for legal issues.”

David Tang                          “Professional and provide practical suggestion.”


Joe Wan                               “Responsible for the client and expertise in provision of comprehensive legal solutions in complicated matters.”


Sean Li                  “Mr Li is responsive, easily accessible and hard-working. He understands the needs of our company.”


Wan Jun                               “Very good communication with customers, very skilful and professional, full of commercial sense and solution-oriented.”   


Yaxing Zhang                      “He is a seasoned litigator with both brilliant strategic foresight and practical experience. He is extremely accessible and always responsive. He understands our needs well and is well capable of standing in our shoes. We never expected such positive outcome from our case, but he made the impossible possible, many times. It's like he has a solution for everything. He is trustworthy and excels in what he does. He understands the law well and, moreover, masters the intricacies of applying the law. We would definitely recommend him and Han Kun to everyone we know.”         


HHP Attorneys-At-Law

Rao Yao                                “Very professional and effective.”

“Good at systematic problem solving.”

“Mr Rao is a seasoned lawyer with excellent legal skills and people skills. I admire Mr Rao's solid essential technique and am always pleasantly surprised by his knowledge, insight and expertise on difficult matters. Mr Rao has a very good memory and can always provide pragmatic solutions supported by legislation or legal theory. Mr Rao can promptly understand the industry and grasp the key concerns from business perspective and more importantly be very convincing in front of commercial people.”



Nikita Xue                           “Very positive and outgoing. Very knowledgeable of relevant law and practices that are effective.”         


Zhang Xu             “Quick understanding of the complex situation, sound legal proposal, good accessibility and always for creative solution.”          



Jasson Han                          “Jasson is the best commercial lawyer I have met in this field. He has the ability to identify the critical issue in our inquiry and give us a definitive reply within a short period of time.”   


Nelson Zhou                       “Excellent working partner with deep understanding on the financial market and clients.”               


Kangxin Partners

Samiko Sun                         “Samiko is very professional. She is proactive and has problem solving skills.”      


King & Wood Mallesons              

Jianqi Luan                          “She has solid legal knowledge and can provide detailed explanation for us. Yet, she can also consider commercial points and provide advice/suggestions accordingly. It's great to work with her.”       


Kathy Fan                            “Kathy Fan has been hands-on in following up the project throughout, though detailed works such as documentation drafting was delegated to a team of more junior lawyers. Fan provided very timely responses and diligent works. Fees were very reasonable considering the extent of work involved.”


Ning Wang                          “Very professional and energetic young partner.”             


Lawjay Partners

James Luo                           “James provides high level of professional services. He always provides reliable legal advice and delivers great results.           


R&P China Lawyers

Maarten Roos                    “Not afraid to advise clients on next steps - contrary to many other lawyers.”      


Robin Tabbers                   “Good communication, good teamwork.”            


Rogier van Bijnen                             “Excellent in helping to navigate Western companies through practical issues in dealing with China.”       


Zhong Lun Law Firm

Gang Zhao                           “Very professional and responsive. Good communication. Familiar in both laws and technology.”     


Jun Cheng                           “The team led by Mr. Cheng Jun is a top advisory team in China in the energy and natural resources sector. One of the strengths is that the team has rich overseas working experience and trilingual skills (Chinese, English and French). They have established a wide network with many foreign legal teams. Their performance is excellent, whether it’s about the responsiveness, the commercial awareness or client service.”    


Ted Hu                  “He is technically very competent, well versed with the Chinese laws in relation to the industry that we operate in, at the same time he possesses strong and extensive knowledge of our group's business. He is very responsive to our requests and never misses deadlines.”              


Hong Kong


Calvin Ho                             “He is knowledgeable and responsive. This is important for us as a lot of our work requires a quick turnaround.”


“Calvin has a close business relationship with us and he always works efficiently in order to meet our requests.”

Julia Charlton                     “She is very good, reliable and effective. “           



Andrea Randall                  “She offered thoughtful legal strategy and analysis to deal with sensitive issues.” 

“She is responsible, reliable and accountable. Very decent and nice.”

“Ms. Randall has done an excellent job for me. I am happy that my case received priority and attention from Andrea. She knows my situation well and has given me good legal advice. She is excellent overall.  Good communication skills with good problem solving solutions.”


“Andrea is well-connected, highly-experienced and a knowledgeable international employment lawyer.”


Chris Wong                         “He is excellent.”

“Chris Wong, the executive partner, is practical and knows his stuff!”


Nick Gall                               “Outstanding client handler who has built his firm from the ground up.”



Philip Wong and Angela Lau                         “Professional and experienced with reliable advice.”       


Oldham Li and Nie

Stephen Chan                    “He is very good and responsive.”           


Vera Sung                            “Vera understands how to deliver legal solutions to European clients. She is very commercial, has a keen eye on finding solutions. Clients are very impressed with her work.”  


Vera Sung and Stephen Chan                      “They are very commercial, responsive and provide excellent legal support with competitive pricing, and are a pleasure to work alongside. I would have no hesitation recommending them and the firm.”


Stevenson Wong & Co

Hank Lo                                 “He closely monitored and maintained the quality of service provided by the firm. I am very satisfied with the quality of service.”      


Heidi Chui                            “She has all the merits an excellent and successful lawyer should have.”


Rodney Teoh                     “Very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.” 


Stephen Wong                  “Good knowledge and innovative solutions.”

“The partner has previous working experience in regulatory authority and provides insightful advice in such area.”


Vivien Teu & Co

Sarah He                              “Professional and conscientious.”            


Vivien Teu                           “Her strength is her expertise and experience.”  

“She has a lot of professional knowledge.”


Wilkinson & Grist

Florence Lam                     “Very responsive and helpful.”  


Lawrence Chan                 “Lawrence produces very high quality legal analysis backed by legal research. He is also very practical and commercial when dealing with the matter at hand.”             


Michael Ma                        “Very professional and diligent.”              


Raymond Chan                  “Responsive and professional.”

“He is very professional, excellent and efficient.

“He has excellent knowledge and good customer service. He is also flexible and has strong expertise in related subjects.”



Advaita Legal

Amit Mehta                        “Mehta provides comprehensive advice in an efficient and helpful manner.”        


ALMT Legal

Aliff Fazelbhoy                  “Great real estate lawyer with a commercial eye for detail.”        


Rajat Bopiah                       “Outstanding corporate securities background and expertise.”   


Arun Kumar                        “Very good.”     


Argus Partners  

R Sudhinder                       “An extremely experienced and knowledgeable professional.”


“We bank upon him for his advice where he has been guiding our strategy.”


“Highly experienced and talented professional with innovative solutions in litigations.”

ASC Legal  

Aseem Chawla                  “Very well-versed with his subject knowledge, highly networked, working with rational and logic and great communication and coordination skills.”


“Very happy with Aseem Chawla as he really helped in analysing the issue independently with full logic and rational, assisted in the valuation of transferred assets and assisted local US counsel in framing the reply from tax and commercial perspectives. Even though Chawla is not practicing in US tax laws, he was very well versed with the tax system of US, which helped greatly in overall coordination.”

AZB & Partners

Ganesh Rao                        “Sharp, to the point and practical.”          


Nilang Desai                       “Extremely knowledgeable.”     


Rina Goyal                           “Incredible, fantastic and awesome!”     


Suharsh Sinha                    “Friendly and accessible.”            


Sunila Awasthi                   “Excellent and extremely supportive with this very delicate matter.”       


Akhilesh Kumar Rai                          “Akhilesh is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. I never worry about our matters in India because I know Akhilesh is providing the best possible advocacy. He has no weaknesses that I have seen.”  


Nohid Nooreyezdan       “Excellent.”       


Chadha & Co

Mamoru Endo                   “He acts very well as a Japanese contact.”           


Common Law Chambers

Nidhi Kejriwal                    “Very good work and relationship.”        


Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

Abe Abraham                    “He provides very easy and practical opinion.”

“Good, thorough lawyer. Considers matters from all perspectives. Billing is also reasonable.”


Asim Abbas                        “Very professional, friendly and has great knowledge and experience in the TMT domain. He understands the telecom industry and their matters far better than most.”          


Avinash Umapathy                          “Excellent communication and deep knowledge of the transaction.”        


Nivedita Rao                       “Extremely efficient, meets deadlines and committed.” 


Rahul Goel                          “Rahul has in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirement. He demonstrated a high level of integrity and clearly articulated the risks of non-compliance and also suggested alternate technical solutions to achieve compliance.”    


Ruetveij Pandya                                “Very good knowledge about the subject, consistent advice and very good ability to handle the situation. Extremely helpful, dedicated and sincere.”

“Strong M&A lawyer.”


Sharad Mathkar                                 “Knowledgeable and very experienced.”


SR Patnaik                           “Brilliant and an amazing collaborative partner.”              


Ranjan Negi                        “Good quality.”


Dhir & Dhir Associates

Alok Dhir                              “Simply great! In a quick interaction he can understand the issues and give you a patient hearing to give complete solution.”         


Nilesh Sharma                   “Empathetic attitude.” 


Sachin Gupta                     “Has the ability to understand the client’s requirements and then provides practical solutions.”         


Varsha Baneerjee                            “Very good knowledge on subject and experienced.”


DSK Legal

Ashish Pahariya                 “Sharp, fundamentally strong.” 


Chandrima Mitra                              “Chandrima has very good knowledge of her domain and is extremely thorough in her drafting and negotiations.”         


Deepti Sarma                     “Capable lawyer with high focus on quality and delivery.”             


Jayesh Kothari                   “Able to independently manage and find resolutions to the assignments.”            


Pritha Jha                            “Very capable, industrious and independently manages our assignments. Is able to connect the commercial considerations and regulatory/ legal as well as our group local and global considerations.”   


Sajit Suvrna        “More than happy with Sajit.”



Satish Kishanchandani                   “Excellent. I don’t have any areas of concern in our more than 10 years association.”


Economic Laws Practice

Aditya Khadria                   “Sharp and knowledgeable and very good understanding of industry.”


Darshan Upadhyay                          “Competent and good client relationship.”          


Deep Roy                             “Excellent solution provider. No apparent weakness.”

“Very capable, sound knowledge of legal aspects, flexible in terms of handling additional work in the assignment.”


Naresh Thacker                 “Excellent strategic advice.”       


Fidus Law Chambers

Shwetasree Majumder                  “She is fantastic, reliable, knowledgeable, commercial in her way of suggesting actions, to the point in her communications and very results oriented.”  MLL


Finsec Law Advisors

Anil Choudhary                 “Very good.”

“Excellent knowledge, solution-oriented.”


Sandeep Parekh                               “Sandeep stands out on his own in his chosen field of securities and financial laws. His depth of practical knowledge is a key strength.”

“Strong subject knowledge and clarity of thoughts.”


Hammurabi & Solomon

Manoj Kumar                     “Leadership is outstanding.”

“Good understanding of the assignment. Alternate solutions given. He is good in law as well as taxation and other fields.”


Shweta Bharti                    “Well-known who provides valuable inputs whenever required. Great leader.”


“Very knowledgeable and responsive”


HSA Advocates

Amitabh Sharma                               “Excellent in relationship management. Really drives his team by leading from front.”               


Anjan Dasgupta                “I hold them in very high regard.”

“Pragmatic, having in-depth knowledge of the industry and excellent commercial understanding.”


Aparajit Bhattacharya                    “Solid.”

“Very professional and efficient.”



Avik Biswas                         “Avik is wonderful. He is extremely skilled, pragmatic and creative. Exactly the kind of employment and labour lawyer a multinational in India needs.”

“Good, knowledgeable and hard working. It was a complex, time critical transaction, and he worked on weekends and even when he was ill, and closed the transaction positively.”


Avirup Nag                          “Avirup is one of the brightest and finest lawyers I have known. Avirup's command over his area is phenomenal and has always been able to think out of the box. He is always prompt with his responses.” 


Lomesh Nidumuri                            “He is a highly skilled litigation lawyer, easily accessible and solution oriented. He would do even better by increasing his network with other competent litigation lawyer and collaborating across regions.”             


Nishant Singh                     “Extremely customer friendly, agile and has good knowledge of the subject.”


“Good at explaining to the client and opposing party on the right deal which can be completed.”


Palecanda Chinnappa                     “He is an upcoming litigation lawyer to watch out for. Highly responsive and building good skills in the litigation field.”


Suneeth Katarki                “Very calm and collected and able to come to the core issues quickly. Business friendly and does not waste time arguing on less important items.”

“Great knowledge, hands on and very experienced.”


Winnie Shekhar                “She is extremely diligent, responsive and bright. Definitely a rising star.”              


Karthik Ganapathy                          “Excellent.”


Inttl Advocare

Hemant Singh                    “Hemant is a strategic thinker with a great knowledge of the law. He is innovative and very good at coming up with new approaches.”

“Sound advice and an excellent counsellor.”


Mamta Jha                          “Mamta is a very strong lawyer with an impressive command of her cases.”         


J Sagar Associates

Farhad Sorabjee                               “Excellent lawyer.”         


Jerome Merchant + Partners

Murtuza Somjee                              “Focused thoughtful and practical. Always prepared and great negotiator.”


Juris Corp

Apurva Kanvinde                              “Overall good.”

“Hands on with the relevant laws.”


Avikshit Moral                   “Excellent understanding of real estate and prompt feedback on critical areas of laws and regulations.”

“Assists in clarifying the issues.”


K&S Partners

Rajalakshmi R                     “Very accurate, clear advice.”


Khaitan & Co

Aakash Choubey                              “Track record and experience.”


Abhimanyu Bhattacharya                             “Extremely professional and proficient in areas of expertise.”     


Aditya Cheriyan                “Fantastic client relationship, proactive and immediate responses which is what a client looks for.”      


Ajay Bhargava                    “Litigation practice is strong.”    


Avnish Sharma                  “He is technically sound and able to provide legal advice with the right mix of commercial outlook and he is always available.”        


Bhavik Narsana                 “Extremely sharp and well-rounded in his approach.”     


Gaurav Dasgupta                              “Responsive and thorough.”      


Kshitij Bishnoi                    “Worked long hours, quick turnaround and helped us close the agreement in a short time with an extremely demanding third party.”         


Madhuparna Dasgupta                  “Clarity of communication, good understanding of subject matter, neat drafting and adherence to timelines.”             


Manas Kumar Chaudhuri                              “He has very deep knowledge of competition law in India. His way of thinking is very practical.”

“Very deep knowledge of antitrust in India and procedural aspects.”


Nandini Khaitan                “She has and continues to handle very tricky situations for us. Her expertise in her market and area of work is superb.”


Ravi Kulkarni                      “Extremely professional and proficient in their areas of expertise.”          

Rishabh Bharadwaj                         “He was a real asset to the deal and consistently impressed us with his partner-level skills.”  


Sachin Mandlik                  “Extremely professional and proficient in their areas of expertise.”          


Sanjeev Kapoor                “Very thorough and persuasive.”             


Shailendra Bhandare                      “Shailendra is a dream to work with. His technical knowledge and responsiveness is second to none.”

“A remarkable individual, smart, responsive, pragmatic and straight to the point. He is delightful to work with.”


Sharad Moudgal                               “Sharad is one of the best lawyers we have met. He is knowledgeable, experienced and very strategic in his thinking. We look forward to working with him on future deals.”


Shishir Mehta                    “Shishir is very innovative and is mindful of the requirements of his clients and at the same time, striking a right balance between the parties.”         


Smriti Yadav                       “An extremely competent and knowledgeable lawyer.”


Snehal Kakrania                “Very thorough and persuasive.”             


Sudip Mullick                     “Friendly and puts client first. Organises his team well.”

“Hardworking, focussed with a good network.”


Susmit Pushkar                 “Susmit is a detail-oriented lawyer. He helped us through some challenging times and we have found his ability to innovate fantastic. Only suggestion would be for him to spend more time catching up with clients and constantly motivate his team to develop industry knowledge and be more pro-active.”


Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan

R Raghavan                         “Very apt and provides in depth view of matters he handles for us.”        


Sweta Giridar                     “Very good in representation before authorities.”



Abhai Pandey                    “Abhai is very meticulous in his advice.”


Manisha Singh                   “Very competent and assertive, excellent in communication and providing on time services. Quality of work was also very good.”      


Link Legal

Dinesh Pardasani                              “Excellent in his area of work.”  


Siddharth Srivastava                       "Good commercial acumen, responsive and willing to learn and listen.”

“Keen focus on client's interests and timely advice on the same. Sets a culture for timeliness in the team. Good commercial understanding and sectoral knowledge.”

“He is well-connected and updated in his field and cooperative as well.”


Majmudar & Partners

Amrit Mehta                      “Excellent work overall, very efficient, got the job done without making the matter bigger than it had to be.”

Raja Sujith                           “Raja is very approachable and a sensible legal professional with very good practical experience and knowledge.”

“Excellent representation.”


Nishith Desai Associates             

Aaron Kamath                   “Very hard working, concise, very responsive and diligent. Is always prepared to go the extra mile.”   


Aarushi Jain                        “Excellent in work quality.”         


Ashish Kabra                      “Good knowledge, very prompt and responsive.”             


Huzefa Tawawalla                            “Absolutely up to date on knowledge and great articulation.”      


Milind Atani                       “Most responsive, professional and reliable.”     


Ruchir Sharma                   “Prompt and responsive.”           


Vaibhav Parikh                  “Extremely customer oriented, wide pervasive knowledge of the subject, very hard working and always keeps customers priorities in mind.”


Vivek Kathpalia                 “Vivek was able to attend a deal completion meeting at very short notice and was extremely adept at moving the negotiations along. His advice was clear throughout, as was his commercial awareness.”      


Vyapak Desai                     “Good knowledge, and able to come up with effective strategies.”


Phoenix Legal

Abhishek Saxena                              “Very professional with good knowledge of industry. Work quality is dependable.”               


Aditya Bhargava                               “Aditya is very approachable and has provided us with sound legal advice on our transactions. He is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the client's requirement is fulfilled.”

“Very responsive, patient, knowledgeable."

“Very supportive and communicates well.”

“Pragmatic, prompt and consistent.”

“Aditya Bhargava is an extremely bright and sharp lawyer, who has an acumen and flair for dealing with complex transactions and seeing them through.”


Chandni Chawla                                 “Prompt, knows her work and well-spoken”       


Pranav Srivastava                             “Good human being. Hard working and goes into details. Produces quality work.”               


Sawant Singh                     “Prompt response, good knowledge of the financial services industry and clean, crisp accurate advice.”               


Poovayya & Co

Deepak Raj                         “He prioritises the client's needs and can lead his team to ensure that the deliverables are met.”   


Rajani Associates

Ashish Parwani                  “Very efficient in drafting and taking before the court, such as National Company Law Tribunal”             


Devesh Juvekar                “Coordinates well between the client and associates to ensure timely action.”    


Prem Rajani                        “Excellent.”

“Excellent balance of legal and commercial aspects.”

“A highly respected and personable lawyer who values his firm's relationships and obligations to clients.”

“Highly innovative, practical, and goes beyond the call of duty.”


Suchita Sharma                 “Very approachable and ready to help. Though she may not have answers to all questions, she will ensure that they are answered by the right person. Excellent experience to work with her.”  


Remfry & Sagar

Ritam Rawal                       “Quickly understands the requirements and provides solutions.”

“Extremely knowledgeable.”


Surendra Sharma                             “Extremely helpful.”


RK Dewan

Mohan Dewan                  “He is an expert in Indian patent law, and I highly value his significant experience and skill as a patent attorney and as a colleague.”      


Niti Dewan                         “She is an expert patent lawyer and is extremely responsive to all of my clients' needs. I turn to her for guidance on complex matters of Indian patent law and I trust her advice on all matters.”           


Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co

Aarthi Narayanan                             “Very precise and diligent.”

“Fantastic, precise and practical approach to the deal. Finds solutions not only points out issues.”


Abhishek Guha                 “Abhihek is clear, articulate. Simply put, he gets it.”         


Akshay Chudasama                         “Very competent.”         


Ankit Kerijiwal                   “Superb experience, punches above his weight. Is calm, confident and can lead a meeting on his own. Responsive to client requests at all hours.”        


Ashish Teni                         “Can fill in the gaps if Shailaja Lall is unavailable.”             


Manjari Tyagi                     “Prashant Gupta and Manjari Tyagi are the best capital markets lawyers I have worked with; very precise advice and extremely on the ball.”


Nikhil Naredi                      “Excellent sector knowledge, highest quality of service, ownership for the matter”            


Prashant Gupta                 “Prashant Gupta and Manjari Tyagi are the best capital markets lawyers I have worked with; very precise advice and extremely on the ball.”  


Puja Sodhi                           “Professional, thorough and detailed with good negotiation skills.”           


Sapan Gupta                      “Excellent with great relationship management and subject matter expert.”        


Shailaja Lall                         “Shailaja Lall has excellent knowledge of the laws of insurance, and a lot of common sense.”

“Good communicator, passionate about matters she deals with, can find pragmatic solutions. Her word carries with management.”


Soummo Biswas                               “Strong competency and has a solution-oriented approach with strong domain knowledge. He is always available to attend calls or respond to clients' queries.”                


Ashoo Gupta                      “Very competent.”         


Raghubir Menon                              “Strong lawyer.”              


Singh & Associates

Manoj Singh                       “He is the perfect blend of hard working, diligent, updated, focused, charming and ready to help even in odd hours in the interest of the client. Extraordinary.”          


Vineet Arora                      “He is very sincere and thorough in his subject.”


Singhania & Partners

Ankita Singh                      “Good in the role and in the assignments handled.”        


Gunjan Chabbra                               “Talented, honest and experienced lawyer.”      


Manish Sharma                 “Good at deliverables.”


Ravi Singhania                   “Has requisite knowledge and understanding of the client's requirements.”         


Shambhu Sharan                              “He and his team of young and energetic attorneys went above and beyond and did everything they could to ensure a great outcome.”          


Vikas Goel                           “Astute and a hard working lawyer with an ability to come up with practical solutions to real life tricky situations thereby saving lot of resources for its clients. I have worked with a few more lawyers of this firm also and I have a good working experience with all of them.”      


SNG & Partners

Amit Aggarwal                   “Apart from being an extremely competent lawyer, his bedside manners and sensitivity to customer relationship is extremely good.”           


Anju Gandhi                       “She is extremely knowledgeable. Very proactive and updated on latest practices and regulations.”


Veritas Legal

Abhijit Joshi                        “He has deep knowledge of the law and great business acumen. He is more of a trusted advisor than a service provider.”              


Rahul Dwarkadas                             “Rahul has a great understanding of the courts and its workings. He is very practical in his approach and an asset to the firm.”


Assegaf Hamzah & Partners

Ahmad Fikri Assegaf                       “He is reliable and is able to adopt a broad mindset.”


Ibrahim Sjarief Assegaf and Astrid Widyakartika Handaka                               “It is difficult to find good Indonesian counsel but I have been impressed with their performance. The team assisted us with an equity deal in Indonesia earlier this year. They provide full service and quality is consistent through practice areas (unlike some other local firms in Indonesia). Ibrahim is a very pragmatic lawyer who tells you outright what the risks are in your structure (compared to some lawyers who will agree with everything you say). He also jumps in on important issues when appropriate which is very helpful when you needed partner’s involvement on key issues. Astrid was very responsive throughout the transaction and definitely went the extra miles to get things done. They also worked well within their fee estimate which was very helpful.  Overall, I was very happy with the team’s performance.”


Eko Basyuniar and Angelica Ayu Maharani                             “Angelica and Eko are both very skilled lawyers, providing excellent services in terms of responsiveness, legal know how, commercial understanding and business-oriented advice.” 


Raden Ichsan                      “Work ethic was good.”


Carol Lim                             “Overall good.”


“She is very senior and was professional with her services. Very easy to communicate with.”


Valerie Ngooi                     “Valerie is sharp and has longstanding experience in Indonesia, providing insightful pragmatic viewpoints. She also works very hard and provides immediate responses to any queries we have.”


Muhammad Renaldi                       “Knowledgeable.”


Felix Vincent                      “He is highly intelligent and can manage well.”


Bagus Enrico & Partners

Bimo Harimahesa                             “Very strong overall.”




Wahyuni Bahar                 “A very experienced and skillful lawyer, with broad local and international networking skills.”


Noverina Gurning                            “She provides good customer satisfaction in general services and has strong banking and finance knowledge.”


“Good knowledge and solutions-oriented.”


Anggia Sari                          “Excellent in due diligence and in aviation law.”


Hanafiah Ponggawa & Partners   

Aditya Indrajati                 “Aditya is very responsive and is able to provide prompt and detailed advice.”


Sartono SH, MH                                “He is a very good and dedicated partner of the firm. He is very sharp and is always able to address clients' issues very well and efficiently.”


Dinda Triwjanarko                            “He is very diligent and efficient. I have no complaints in terms of his performance.”  


Hendra Soenardi

Hendra Soenardi                              “He is a very smart business lawyer. He could understand any client's problem and always comes up with a good and very sharp solution.”


Hadiputranto Hadinoto & Partners

Rinaldo Aditya                   “We have worked with Rinaldo Aditya and found him to be a hard-working and dependable member of the team.”


Susie Beaumont                               “Susie Beaumont is a savvy, practical and forward-thinking leader, and her Australian background allows her to explain some of the oddities of Indonesian employment law tempered with her Australian experience, which may be more familiar to a typical in-house counsel. In her team are several Indonesian colleagues who know their work well and provide her with solid and reliable support.”


“Susie provided pragmatic and practical advice on how to move forward with a complex and challenging termination. She provided clear advice with various options on how to proceed depending on our appetite for risk. She was also dealing with a number of different stakeholders within the business, who had different views on how to best manage this exit. Susie was instrumental in getting us all align and successfully exit this individual.”


“Susie Beaumont provided clear and pragmatic advice to help us navigate the myriad and complexity of Indonesia labour laws.”


“Susie is able to provide clear strategy and approach in her advice, allowing us to navigate the often complex regulations in Indonesia.”


“Susie Beaumont is a seasoned veteran and one of the few lawyers in town with a common law background, which can really help put things in perspective, as Indonesian labour laws and work practices can be bewilderingly different from other locations with region.”  


Norman Bissett                 “He is knowledgeable and very helpful in understanding practical aspects of the legal issues.”


Iqbal Darmawan                               “Effective communication, good client relationship management and extensive experience.”


Mita Guritno                      “Very knowledgeable and patient. Able to provide solutions in complex transactions.”


Erwandi Hendarta                            “Knowledgeable.”


“Very experienced, as an ex-regulator, he has very good insights into how they operate. He is measured in advice but can think commercially.”


“Erwandi Hendarta leads HHP's banking practice very well. He has an international perspective and, as an Indonesian national, is also immersed in the country's evolving financial regulations and politics. This blend of international perspective and local insight makes him an effective communicator both with international clients and local regulators and officials.”


Mark Innis                           “Very deep country and sector knowledge. Strong deal experience and negotiation skills. Very commercial and client centric.”


“Mark Innis is an excellent partner. I especially value his ability to look forward and highlight potential risks that we may not be thinking about.”


“Extensive legal knowledge, fast, knows the insurance business very well.”


Gerrit Jan Kleute                              “Very good international counsel.”


Daniel Pardede                 “Fast and reliable.”“Excellent service, reliable source of information and very professional.”


“He has very good knowledge about company laws and is very fast in delivering solutions.” 


Ponti Partogi                      “He is very responsive to client's needs, easy to contact and he is always ready to share his opinions or views at any time, in any case.”


Abi Putra                             “Professional work and timely responses.”


 Cindy Riswantyo                              “She is diligent.”


Mahardikha Sardjana                      “Accessible and practical junior partner with all the qualities of Erwadi Hendarta.”


Alvira Wahjosoedibjo                     “She was capable and responsive.”


“Alvira has a good understanding of the Indonesian labour laws and has always provided solid legal advice. Her strength is in providing verbal advice with a practical angle.”


“Alvira is responsive and helpful, and provides pragmatic and commercial advice.”


Wimbanu Widyatmoko                 “Very personable and knowledgeable on a variety of topics. Has good business savvy to assist in decision- making in a challenging regulatory climate.”


“Pragmatic and able to provide timely advice on sensitive issues. Strong ability to deal with numerous stakeholders with differing views.”


HHR Lawyers    

Nini Halim                            “Nini is wonderful and has done an outstanding job serving our mutual client in very challenging circumstances.”


Imran Muntaz & Co   

Imran Muntaz                    “Very strong in several fields especially capital markets and M&A transactions. He is a highly committed person who can deliver good quality work within a very tight timeframe.”


Leks & Co    

Eddy Leks                            “He is specialised in real estate law, proactive, supportive and offers advice based on practical experiences in real estate.”


Ivor Pasaribu                     “Ivor is a good lawyer, especially on dispute resolution related issues.”  


Makarim & Taira S   

Vincent Ariesta Lie                           “Vincent has very good legal knowledge both in corporate transactions and projects, and corporate litigation. He is the lawyer to go to anytime we need to consult on mostly anything. Even during times when an issue is not his primary expertise, he can give very good insights and enlightenment on the issues.”


“Advanced knowledge in the Indonesian energy sector and precise advice for corporate documents.”


Heru Mardijarto                               “He is very knowledgeable and approachable. He builds up good relationships with clients.”


Rudy Andreas Halomoan Sitorus                                “He is quick and crystal clear in his responses.”


Kurniawan Tanzil                              “He has great responses to our problems and provide solutions in a timely manner.”


Makes & Partners   

Iwan Setiawan                   “Extensive experience, and strong relationships with government entities and private equity firms.”


Rajamada & Partners

Mada Silalahi                      “I like his professional services.”


“Mada Silalahi is a counsel with complete skill set. Not only skilful but also very creative in finding solutions, and his network is really helpful for us.”


“Raja is responsive and provides a high quality of service. He is knowledgeable.”


“Very good, fast action and clear explanations.”


“Very professional, knowledgeable and quick in understanding the issues.”


“Brilliant and efficient.”


Roosdiono & Partners    

Hanim Hamzah                  “She is an excellent lawyer and is now managing partner of the firm. She always goes above and beyond.”


Afriyan Rachmad                              “Afriyan is very responsive, has a lot of expertise, and always willing to explain his advice. I haven’t seen any noticeable weaknesses.”


SKC Law    

Andrew Conduit                               “Good expertise and contact.”



Soemadipradja & Taher   

Nira Sari Nazarudin                         “Highly professional, experienced and provide sound legal advice.”


Avindra Taher                    “Avindra does more than just be a lawyer. He understands the business perspective and uses his legal expertise to help his client achieve their goal. He's knowledgeable in financing, investment, restructuring, and management of ESOP (Employee Stock Option), four very important legal aspects for start-up founders.”


SSEK Legal Consultants

Dewi Savitri Reni                              “She has a good knowledge and dedicates all of her time to this job.”


Walalangi & Partners   

Miriam Andreta                “With instructions by Mr Walalangi, Ms Andreta provided significant support in an effective manner.”


Luky Walalangi                  “He is prompt, proper, full of experience and gives well-considered advice.”


“He is a very capable lawyer, always considering my way of thinking in a timely manner.”


“Very strong sense of responsibility.”


William Hendrik Esther


Hendrik Silalahi                  “His interpretation of law is so concise and to the point that I have not experienced elsewhere in Indonesia. His strength is, without dispute, his communications through email, phone and WhatsApp.”


“His professionalism and attention to detail has made sure our project finished on time.”


“Hendrik has deep legal knowledge of the matters at hand and his work is professional.”


Abe Ikubo & Katayama

Eiji Katayama                     “Katayama sensei has excellent knowledge and experience of patent litigations and obtaining patent rights. He usually provide us with excellent advice.”


Anderson Mori & Tomotsune

Junichi Kondo                    “Very strong in regulations related to the healthcare industry. Comes up with a solution based on a good understanding of industry practice.”  


Miki Goto                            “Very knowledgeable in technology issues, experienced and down-to-earth.”

“He is an all-round player. He cares from the details to the big picture.”


Atsumi & Sakai

Chie Kasahara                    “She understands us well and advises us based on our status.”   


Hiroyuki Sanbe                  “Bright and professional.”           


Takumi Fukuda                 “He has good qualities of quick performance, arrangement and amendment. He is smart, and he can read between the lines and grasp the main point promptly. Also he is a gentleman, calm, friendly and easy to talk and consult with.”  



Sayat Zholshy & Partners

Rustam Ospanov                              “Excellent knowledge of the industry and tax and corporate laws. Out-of-the-box thinking and efficiency. Client oriented, dedicated.”        



Abylkhair Nakipov                           Abylkair Nakipov has many years of experience and is always available to assist. Even, to provide advice via phone. Works always done with a high level of competency.”

“Nakipov is very diligent, professional and has extensive experience on the matters that we approached. Probably the management of the firm may improve a bit on the deliverables when working with the local authorities.”


Liza Zhumakhmetova                     “Senior lawyer, with great experience in the field of M&A.”

“Very competent, responsive and commercial.”

“Very knowledgeable and professional attitude.”


Sofiya Zhylkaidarova                       “Out of the box thinking, top performer with vast experience in Kazakhstan legal landscape.”

“Strong leader, excellent communication skills, and has a broad network.”


Talgat Sariev                      “Talgat is very attentive to the details, diligent and has outstanding and extensive expertise in a range of law areas, with deadline and result-oriented mindset.”

“Experienced and a client-oriented lawyer.”



Mirebk Kadyrov                                “Very good response times, meeting deadlines, experience and high professional level.”  




Tilleke & Gibbins

Santhapat Periera and Dino Santaniello                  “They are diligent and highly responsive.”           



Aristotle David                   “Excellent services, high expertise and interaction.”




Francisco Leitao                                 “Faultless English, quick understanding, constructive and imaginative advice, prompt response 24/7, efficient communications.”          


Rato Ling Lei & Cortés

Pedro Cortés                      “Competent, rigorous and time-bound.”



Adnan Sundra & Low

Adrian Chee Meng Yang                                “Possesses strong technical competencies (specialist in corporate law and capital markets); able to give good practical advice; possesses high integrity and professionalism; meticulous; dedicated, hands-on involvement in the transaction; has the ability to explain technical details to higher management in easy-to-understand layman terms; able to work with a short timeline.”

“Excellent legal adviser with a very strong team of competent lawyers.”


Deepak Sadasivan                            “Deepak’s out of the box ideas had enabled bespoke financing structures to be arranged by the bank for its clients.”

“Deepak is a very dedicated partner who provides good insights on the issues at hand.”


Jennifer Lee                       “Jennifer is clear in her advice and delivers within stipulated timeframes. She is also organised and covers every part of the transaction.”            


Jerry Tiew                            “Strong pre and post transaction support. Able to provide insights and articulate the issues to be considered on any particular proposed/post deal, i.e. provided further and relevant info/raised issues which may not have been on the bank's radar/may not have been considered earlier. Has broad hands-on experience in overseeing loan documentation. Demonstrated exceptional performance compared to other solicitors I have dealt with.”   


Albar & Partners

Chea Li (Lily) Tan and Swee Loong Chung                               “Very experienced partners in banking and corporate finance.”             


Natalie Peh Suan Wan                    “Commercial and experienced.” LL


Seet Hooi Ping                   “She is extremely diligent, knowledgeable and understands business needs/priorities.”  


Ariff Rozhan & Co

Christopher Arun                             “Friendly and experienced.”      


William Lim Wee Chong                “Prompt, efficient and prudent.”

“Highly satisfactory.”


Ariff Rozhan & Co

“I find him very approachable and very friendly. He did not hesitate to provide any assistance with any legal issues we had.”

“The services provided by the law firm are always satisfactory and up to the standard and task given to them.”

“Overall satisfied, no complains.”


Azim Tunku Farik & Wong

Sixin Tan                              “Sixin is very knowledgeable in the areas of law for which she is engaged, and is also willing to go the extra mile in ensuring quality work is produced by her team and keeping the Management abreast with updates in respect of the matters handled. She is also very helpful and is willing to provide advice on an ad-hoc basis as well as training to her clients.”             


Cecil Abraham & Partners

Rishwant Singh                  “Good and sharp and very good memory of facts.”           

Chooi & Company + Cheang & Ariff

Adriel Lau Jin Son                             “The partner-in-charge, Adriel Lau is very hands on and respond promptly to any queries or points of clarifications that we had. He's assisted by Leong Yew Seng who is also very helpful. We are happy with Adriel's work thus far. He is able to communicate clearly and manage expectations of all parties to ensure smooth completion of the tasks.”            


Cindy Goh                           “Cindy Goh is extremely knowledgeable in IP laws, especially in contentious or dispute matters and her turnaround time is very good.”

“Cindy is an outstanding lawyer, she is strategic and analytical, providing creative solutions to complex litigation problems.”


Lim Tuck Sun                      “He provides excellent advice and has a firm stand on his legal opinion.”

“Great personalised service and very in-depth understanding of the law.”


Tan Ming Li                         “Her work is consistent, collaborative and strongly client focused.”          


Christopher & Lee Ong

Clive Navin Selvapandian                              “Prompt and commercial mind-set.”      


Jack Chor                             “Very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer.”

“Excellent listener, fast understanding, fast results on any matter which fulfil requirements, flexible reachable and excellent technology usage.”


Kim Poh Ng                         “Quick response, clear-cut explanations, wide and deep knowledge, considers the client’s interests very much and has cost efficiency.”

See Ting Yon and Kelvin Kho Hui Khiang                  “Excellent, they are both good at corporation law, specialised in different sectors, active and complimentary.”    


Donovan & Ho

Donovan Cheah                                “Very professional. Always willing to provide advice when needed.”

“Knowledgeable, fast and able to provide all-rounded views for consideration.”


Shawn Ho                            “Always available to brainstorm, timely work, useful feedback.”

“Extremely knowledgeable and provides the necessary advice.”

“Patient and strong business acumen. Able to deliver valuable insight and attractive solutions.”



Brian Law                            “Very professional and responsive, reasonable rates, quick resolution, creative work.”


Mah-Kamariyah & Philip Koh

Adrian Koh Yeow York                    “Mr Adrian Koh is able to react almost instantaneously on our doubts and queries. Adrian and his team are able to meet the demanding timelines allocated by the board. He is patient, experienced and able to negotiate for and on our behalf on various corporate deals with difficult counter parties.”

“We find him to be a very professional, competent and experienced lawyer. In some cases, he is willing to tap on his vast experience to go beyond providing general legal advice by providing suggestions on how certain corporate schemes can be structured better or highlighting practical challenges that may be faced in a particular corporate exercise.”

“Excellent, Adrian is an excellent lawyer.”


MahWengKwai & Associates

Denise Pang                       “Polite, clarity in communication, well prepared before meetings, analytical.”

“She has Chinese language skills, the full feeling of her services is excellent.”


John Chan                           “John was a good communicator on the projected timeline for workflow and regular provision of updates was helpful.”              


Murad Yee Partnership

Ken Nie Kuay                     “Knows the subject. Able to explain concisely, fast and efficient service.”


Yee Fook Weng                 “Produces quality work, even within short timeframes. Commercially astute lawyer who understands his client's objectives.”

“Swift response and extensive knowledge.”


Navaratnam Chambers

Nahendran Navaratnam                                “Excellent counsel work. Nahendran Navaratnam is meticulous in preparation and surgical in advocacy.”           


Raja Darryl & Loh

Chong Mei Mei                 “Always eager to help and even meet. Not a boring desktop lawyer.”      


Tai Chu Wei                        “Detail minded and hardworking.”          


Tong Lai Ling                      “Concise, accurate and timely.”


Shearn Delamore & Co

Ameet Kaur Purba                           “Ameet Kaur demonstrates outstanding legal knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property law. Ameet takes the effort to know our business and offer sound practical advice.”          


Foong Pui Chi                     “Ms Foong Pui Chi was technically sound.”          


Indran Shanmuganathan                              “Highly professional and is very knowledgeable, is transparent, provides prompt updates, accessible when required.”      


Sivabalah Nadarajah                       “Competent, reliable, responsive and humble.”

“Well versed in the areas of employment and industrial law.”


Timothy Siaw                     “Tim is a leading IP legal practitioner in Malaysia. He has extensive legal knowledge and an unusual depth of experience in all permutations of legal issues.”

“Timothy has a brilliant and intellectually gifted intellectual property practitioner.”


Shook Lin & Bok

Victoria Loi Tien Fen                       “Professional and responsive.”

“Very responsive and proactive. Frequently update clients on the legal matters. Able to advise the client wisely and prudently on the necessary action to be taken.”


Yoong Sin Min                   “High level of professionalism and technical expertise.”


Tay & Partners

Cheah Soo Chuan                             “He's very experienced, attentive, knowledgeable and able to advise clients very clearly. He's entrepreneurial and has good business relationship skills.”  


Lin Li Lee                             “Lin has an excellent understanding of commercial issues and is an expert in Malaysian trade mark law.”

“Professional and knowledgeable. Friendly and able to provide possible solutions to clients.”


Terrence Edward Chong                                “Excellent service and practical solutions. Fair pricing.”   


Wong & Partners

Adeline Wong                    “Good technical analysis and thought process. Good follow-up.”


Brian Chia                            “Brian's work is outstanding, he has an excellent knowledge of the local legal landscape, and is very commercial. He is responsive and has a good team backing him which ensures a consistent level of service.”


Eddie Chuah                       “Professional, subject matter expert.”   


Faez Abdul Razak                             “Prompt responses on the drafting input.”           


Janice Tay                            “Very clear about probable outcomes on the cases and our concerns.”   


Kherk Ying Chew                              “She is strategic, able to help us articulate our case well.”             


Stephanie Phua                “Excellent, very commercial and thoughtful.”     


Yi Lyn Tan                            “Yi Lyn is a very seasoned lawyer in the tax field. Her technical capability does not require further validation. She brings valuable insights to the clients by being able to show appreciation of the commercial intricacies and give practical solutions and advice.”          


Zain & Co

Rajiv Vijayanathan                           “Rajiv has a very deep understanding of our core business, oil and gas. His negotiation skills and legal services are awesome which inspire confidence, are excellent, professional and very prompt (even during public holidays).”              


Salwah Abdul Shukor                      “Extremely knowledgeable on corporate, commercial matters.”


Zul Rafique & Partners
Jerry Ong                             “Very responsive and provides practical yet legally sound advice.”

“Prompt, practical, technically sound.”  

Mei Mei Loh                       “She represents the traits I feel Zul Rafique is known for - pragmatic, solutions based, and approachable, strong commercial counsel.”        


Tan Hao Wei                       “This is the first case in engaging the firm to handle the Industrial Court Case.  Mr Tan is well informed and thoroughly explained the requirements for the SIR. Efficient and responsive to my phone calls/emails and queries.”    


Thavaselvi Pararajasingam                           “Very good. Professional in delivering her services and in executing her legal tasks.”



CTL Strategies

Ali Naeem                           “He is excellent in all aspects.”  


Hussam Shareef                               “Worked as a team within the firm to produce the opinion and recommendation.”               



Ismail Yasir                          “Yasir is one of the best lawyers I have worked with. Always making himself available especially dealing with government departments and concluding deals with an outcome fair to both parties. For areas that he is uncertain, he does extensive research before providing his answer.”


“Given he has worked for the government for years prior to him going private, his knowledge of the public sector, and many times when I am in meetings with him, he is well respected in the public sector as well as private sector.”


Shah Hussain & Co

Shuaib Shah       “A prominent lawyer in Maldives. Knowledgeable about local and international law.”



Kabraji & Talibuddin

Danish Shah                        “Technically astute and tends to take a conservative approach. Adapts mode of advice to suit client requirements.”    


Syed Maaz                          “An exemplary professional who has an eye for detail and a pragmatic view to getting deals done.”

“Very responsive, knowledgeable about the regulatory landscape and clear in his advice.”

“He was responsive, knowledgeable and courteous.”


RIAA Barker Gillette

Adil Tirmizey                      “Quick thinker with a very sharp mind, excellent knowledge of the industry and good understanding of the client's needs.”     


Bilal Shaukat                      “Has been very responsive to queries and supportive of the business through a sound understanding of the challenges posed and awareness of applicable laws.”

“Bilal has consistently offered practical legal advice, been responsive to queries, helpful in cases of urgent queries, and supportive. He raises important legal aspects for the business to consider, assists with prioritisation of issues and highlights the associated risks based on legal requirements to enable the business to take commercial decisions on certain matters.”

“He has a very good understanding of the power sector.”


Haider Mota                       “Technically sound and an industry expert.”       


Hasnain Naqvee                               “Excellent.”

“Excellent industry knowledge, relevant experience, practical approach and ability to find innovative solutions.”

“Very strong understanding of power sector and associated framework, law and policies.”  

“Is especially effective.”

“We are happy with Naqvee's work.”


Masood Afridi                    “Very competent and accessible.”           


Nadir Altaf                          “Competent, in-depth knowledge of the sector.”              


Omar Somro                      “Competent, knowledgeable and has a good reputation.”             


Shafaq Rehman                “Proved to be a tough negotiator when negotiating the financing agreements.” 


Yousaf Khosa                     “Responds to the client in a timely manner. Gives client all options available. Knows the system in Pakistan well.”              


Vellani & Vellani

Badar Vellani                      “An exceptional lawyer with in depth knowledge and experience and is a pleasure to work with.”

“An excellent lawyer, thorough, hard working with good understanding of commercial issues.”


Danish Zuberi                    “A leader in her profession and remains highly accessible and responsive to clients.”        

Ferzeen Badha                  “Ferzeen is an excellent lawyer who very quickly understands her client's needs and advises accordingly. Always a pleasure to deal with, she has taken on some urgent matters for us recently and provided timely advice.”               

Javaid Akhtar                     “Javaid is an excellent lawyer who has got relevant experience to our needs. He is thorough and comprehensive.”

“We work exclusively with Javaid Akhtar who has a thorough and meticulous legal mind.”

“We have found his input to be of the highest standard. He has been asked to provide a lot more legal analysis than initially contemplated. He has willingly taken on the extra responsibility and delivered high quality work in all areas he worked on. He also had to lead a number of legal work areas of the project, something that was not anticipated at the start of the project. He has exceeded the very high expectations of our client and continues to deliver under a demanding project schedule.”




Everlene Lee                      “Lee is meticulous and approachable.”  


Francis Lim                          “Extremely qualified for capital markets work, has very wide network among key institutions, and extremely highly respected among capital markets players.”

Joselito Bautista                                “He is an able lawyer, and always assists on negotiation with professional advises.”               

Judy Hao                              “Very competent and responsive, technically very well-equipped and very hard-working.”

“I am satisfied with Hao's work. She is innovative and looks out for her clients on both legal and commercial aspects of a transaction.”


Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia

Aldwill Go                           “Very capable, responsive and easy to work with.”           


Divina Pedron                    “Has broad experience in her field of practice and is very knowledgeable of developments in the related legal environment. She is technically competent and articulate, and has excellent interpersonal skills.”               


John Balisnomo                 “Very professional and thorough.”          


Miguel Silos                        “Excellent and efficient.”             


Pancho Umali                     “Very responsive, fast and accurate. I could not have been in better hands.”        


Patricia Bunye                   “She is easy to work with and manages the team well. Though she has quite a demanding schedule herself, we are always well taken care of even if she might be unavailable at the time to personally address our requirements.”        


Rodel Cruz                           “Very thorough. He is always well researched and prepared during the hearing.”


Rogelio Torres Jr               “Excellent counsellor who takes time to go the extra mile for a client in terms of advisory services. He is very responsive and gives immediate useful feedback whenever a query is presented to him.”        


Rowanie Nakan                            “Responsive, very straight forward.”      


Susan Villanueva                              “Consistently responsive, excellent service.”      


Del Rosario & Del Rosario

Saben Loyola                      “Customer oriented, competent and acts with sense of urgency.”


Disini & Disini

Jesus Disini                          “He was very knowledgeable in his field and he exhibited a strong desire to help us out from the beginning.”

Larisa Serzo                        “Has been nothing less than excellent when it comes to promptness, comprehensiveness, and relevance of her advice. She makes it a point to be thorough in her research, exploring all possible angles in order to assess risks and propose the best possible recommendations for the company. Her performance and her communication skills have always been stellar.”

“Very good, responsive, transparent, and extremely helpful and knowledgeable in our company's industry.”


Gatmaytan Yap Patacsil Gutierrez & Protacio (C&G Law)

Ben Yap                                “Has extensive knowledge and pleasant to work with. Hands-on and practical, much appreciated by senior management.”


Cesar Santamaria             “Has extensive knowledge in labour and employment law. Manages clients well.”


Mark Gutierrez “Expert in tax and corporate law practice. Great client relationship manager.”


Paolo Protacio   “We are extremely satisfied with the work and working relationship we have had with Paolo. He is highly responsive and willing to listen and adjust to client's concerns. He is able to quickly appreciate and spot the issues, give substantive insights and promptly revert with substantive proposals to approach the matter.”


Gulapa & Quicho

Aris Gulapa                         “He's very good in lateral and creative thinking even as he is good in the subject matter.”

“He is able to manage multiple projects at the same time. Despite us knowing that he has a lot of work with other clients, we never feel that his attention is divided. It feels like we are his only client because of his dedication to our needs.”

“Impeccable knowledge of the industry.”


Charmaine Haw                                “Very hardworking, diligent and has good temper.”


Hechanova Group

Editha Hechanova                            “Very knowledgeable and can be trusted to get the job done on time.”   


Morales & Justiniano

Rafael Morales                  “Very capable and highly experienced both in regulatory and transaction work.”


Puyat Jacinto & Santos

Sheryl Balot                        “Very strong in contract law. Detailed research. Strong on regulatory issues. Customer focused.”           


Monalisa Dimalanta                        “Excellent knowledge of the subject matter. Detailed research.”


Quisumbing Torres

Alain Charles Veloso                       “Very good, Very precise and trustable.”              


Bienvenido Marquez                      “Excellent with clear and helpful advice.”             


Carmi Calsado-Amoroso                “Dependable, accessible courteous.”     


Christina Macasaet-Acaban                         “Very thorough, well-researched and well-written opinion. Opinion was straight to the point and addressed the legal concerns of the client.”       


Donemark Calimon                          “Always ready with extensive knowledge and network in arbitration.”     


Eliseo Zuñiga, Jr.                      “Eliseo is thorough, very professional, courteous, and attends to our needs. He sees to it that we are provided with the utmost care our firm deserves.”           


Gilbert Zerrudo                                 “An expert on his field and we always seek his advice on complicated labour issues.”               


Kenneth Chua                   “Professional, reliable.”


Lara Camille Lee                        “Able to provide fast response to our queries.” 


Lourdes de Leon                               “Very hands on in assisting us in various issues and offering practical solutions.”

“Has strong business sense, solid understanding of local corporate law and a creative problem-solver.”


Miguel Galvez    “Professional, reliable courteous.”          


Pearl Liu               “Pearl Liu is our go-to attorney at Quisumbing Torres. She has a good understanding of the requirements of a US listed company and has a team that gets to the issues, is efficient and moves projects along with the correct point of view on regulatory requirements and compliance. She provides good advice on alternatives for organisation and management of entities and has a staff that are specialists in employment, tax, and general contracting.”


Villaraza & Angangco

Franchette Acosta           “Excellent”


Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula

Antero Caganda                                 “Anjo Caganda is very open to our concerns and makes sure to address them efficiently without compromising the quality of the output.”       


Lily Gruba                            “She provides relevant input to risk assessment and decision making.”   


Asia Practice

Chien Herr Lee                  “Conceptual and practical financing transaction specialist.”

“Professional, efficient, pragmatic.”


Clarence Goh                     “Professional, has initiative.”


Bird & Bird ATMD

Alexander Shepherd                       “Alexander was very prompt with his response and provided clear and concise legal advice that was usable.”              

Daniel Song                        “Very knowledgeable and hard-working. With the ability to represent us in front of challenging customers from different business culture.”

“Very experienced, very prompt and Daniel's team seems like they are always ready to help. This is important as some commercial requirements can be very urgent.”


Lorraine Tay                       “Responsive and reliable. Having broad range of knowledge in the IP field.”


Navin Joseph Lobo                          “Navin is very responsive and attentive to our needs. He is knowledgeable about the law as well as the relevant processes and procedures surrounding legal matters. He always tries to accommodate our time difference and is quick with providing advice and requested work product. We enjoy working with him.”      


Sandra Seah                       “Knowledgeable and client-oriented. Prompt replies.”


Ashok Kumar                     “I have worked with Ashok for a long time (since he was at TSMP). He has been my only contact at BlackOak and my impression of the firm is based on my interactions with him. He is an extremely strong insolvency lawyer who doesn't have the conflicts of many others in the field.”

“Excellent at restructuring work and very collaborative.”

“Ashok is an experienced and well connected insolvency lawyer. He combines technical excellence with commercial and responsive client service.”

“Excellent. My go-to person for insolvency matters.”

“He has a great sense of strategy backed with an excellent grasp of the technical aspects of the insolvency regime.”


Sean Lee                              “Very responsive, commercial lawyer with good legal analytical skills.”    


Braddell Brothers

Edmund Kronenburg                      “Hands on and very good with clients.”

“Top notch, one of my go-to referrals in Singapore.”

“Good knowledge, He can speak Bahasa which is helpful and good skills.”


Colin Ng & Partners

Amit Dhume                      “One of the best lawyers we have used. Extremely proactive and committed. Knowledge across jurisdictions is very useful.”

“Very professional, helpful and knowledgeable.”


Bill Jamieson                      “Very good. Capable, practical and responsive.”


Ken Chia                               “Great support and very effective counselling and management of both the acquisition and litigation process.”

“Competent, thorough and patient.”


Drew & Napier

Pauline Chong                   “Good follow up and communication, industry knowledge, clear advice, can meet timelines.”               


Renu Rajan Menon                         “Approachable and easy to work with as well as well experienced in banking and industry practice.”          


Duane Morris & Selvam

Babita Ambekar                                 “Impressive handling skills. Excellent negotiator too, and in spotting legal issues”


Krishna Ramachandra                    “Perfect. Outstanding in all areas.”          


Mark Wong                        “He is commercially savvy and practical lawyer and excellent with clients.”           


Eversheds Harry Elias

Esther Wee                         “Excellent lawyer, very contentious and detail-oriented. Highly recommended.”


Fortis Law Corporation

Patrick Tan                          “Extremely flexible and able to assist in critical situations with ease.”      


Joseph Tan Jude Benny

Danny Chua                        “Danny gives a quick response and gets it right first time.”            

John Sze                               “We always engage with John Sze as he has in-depth industry knowledge and understands the commercial side of things. So his advice is not just premised on the good legal knowledge but also practical commercial insights.”

“Attention to detail, innovative approach.”


Marks & Clerk

Chris Hemingway                             “He is very cooperative and can interpret our requirements very well.”

“An excellent patent attorney with sound knowledge of the patent landscape.”

“He is professional and happy to help us with our issues. He is prompt with his responses and also creative in coming up with ways to tackle the issues arising. He is always polite, constructive and a joy to work with.”


Morgan Lewis Stamford

Bernard Lui                         “Great business partner. Good technical knowledge coupled with deep experience. Gives clear advice and pro-actively proposes solutions.”

“Capable and innovative.”


Daniel Chia                          “He is an excellent partner with all-round ability - technical and soft skills.”

“Daniel's acumen and execution of litigation strategy is top-notch. He is sound in the law and very business savvy.”


Lynette Chew                    “This lawyer is very decisive, comprehensive and extensive, detailed, and focus.”              


Nair & Co

Suresh Nair                         “Has a good knowledge; patient and very willing to share the law related to the case.”

“He is among the best insolvency practitioners in Singapore. An exceptional advocate, he is razor sharp and precise and provides timely and practical advice in the most personable way possible.”

“The best lawyer in his field!”


OC Queen Street

Chia Ling Koh                     “Very good practitioner focused on exceeding needs of his clients. Very much keeping abreast of changes in the market.”          


Dax Lim “Professional, friendly, approachable, knowledgeable.” 


Oon & Bazul

Bazul Ashhab                     “Instructing Bazul is like working with your top level management team. You get an honest, carefully analysed solution to achieve our objective. He does hesitate to disagree which avoids decisions made on impulse.”

“Bazul is an absolute fantastic lawyer, a safe pair of hands and completely reliable. A great legal mind.”


Chenthil Kumarasingam                                “He is a firm expert in white collar crime and complex trade disputes. With his in-depth experience and good analytical skills, he is able to provide his clients with very comprehensive legal advice, guidance and strategy in a complex litigation.”   


Lionel Chan                         “He has a good knowledge of Singapore law, he is very hard-working and patient.”           


Tan Mei Yen                       “Excellent work, good interpersonal skills. A rising star.”



Winnie Chang                    “Work product was good.”          


Jonathan Kok                     “Jonathan is good at trademark prosecution strategy based on local business in Singapore.”               


Shook Lin & Bok

Andrea Ng                           “Excellent technical skills and client centric focus!”          


Chew Mei Choo                                “The partner is friendly, flexible and customer oriented. She is very willing to share her knowledge and is very experienced.”

“Mei Choo is very knowledgeable in lease transactions and is customer-oriented.”


David Chan                         “Meticulous, analytical, positive and professional.”

“Practical and intense focus on outcomes.”


Debby Lim                           “Debby is sensitive to the client's needs and driven to achieve the best results.” 


Eric Chan                             “Very pragmatic and willing to state a position that's in the client's interest, even if it may not be music to regulator's ear. Wish to have a few juniors under him so that work can be progressed even without him around.”             

Gwendolyn Gn                  “Pro-client. Marketing oriented, good business acumen and network.”   


Ho Ying Ming                     “Provides insightful and commercial advice. Can be trusted to protect our interests and get the deal done in a timely manner.”         


Sarjit Singh                          “Sarjit Singh is one of the best legal minds in Singapore. He frequently gives practical and workable solutions to a difficult problem. He does not beat around the bush, and goes straight to tackle the key issues. I have known Sarjit for more than 20 years, and have benefitted greatly from his advice over the years. The firm, Shook Lin & Bok, punches above its weight.”

“He is a very good advocate with practical common sense and an eye for detail.”


Tan Woon Hum “Exceptional client service and response time. Excellent understanding and appreciation of business requirements and able to provide advice that balance commercial interest and risk. Well versed on the latest developments in the Singapore fund management and regulatory space. Provides good industry training/briefings that benefit the industry.”    


Teo Mae Shaan                 “Mae Shaan is very pleasant and smart. She has all-encompassing experiences in both debt and equity deals. She is able to spot issues quickly and understand our instructions easily.”

“Mae Shaan was critical to the process and ensuring a positive outcome. She is very knowledgeable and easy to deal with.”


Straits Law Practice

Chan Lai Foong                 “Efficient and response time is excellent.”           


M Rajaram                          “He is stern and proposed solutions that are very practical and logical.”  


TSMP Law Corporation

Kelvin Koh                           “Kelvin is a rising star lawyer with amazing English and Chinese proficiency to provide bilingual legal service.”   


Shen Yi                  “Shen Yi is practical and sharp, detecting and solving the issues with excellent legal expertise.”   


Stefanie Yuen                    “The lead partner in the transaction, Stefanie Yuen, combines deep and up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations with a strong commercial sense. In M&A negotiations, Stefanie is prepared to give clear guidance to her clients regarding which areas are reasonable to concede, and when to stand firm on a negotiating point. She does not argue for the sake of prolonging negotiations. Stefanie is highly respected for her integrity and commitment.”

“Our firm enjoys a great working relationship with Stefanie. Stefanie often displays her excellent sense of judgment in her advice and her advice always accentuates her sound legal technicality and strong commercial astuteness. Stefanie is also an effective communicator and has the ability to explain complicated legal jargons in a clear and succinct manner. Stefanie always add her personal touch to each transaction, and it is evident that she invests time in understanding her clients' needs before advising them accordingly.”



Alvin Yeo                             “Alvin is very competent and technically sound but does not play an active role in the day-to-day management of a matter.” 


Annabelle Yip                     “Annabelle is extremely experienced in corporate M&A, restructuring and governance. She handles the files personally and has the support of the most senior partner in the firm.” 


Chou Sean Yu                     “Very seasoned professional who always provides practical and sensible advice.”              


Christopher Chuah                          “Fast response and good confidence level.”

“Very, very good.”


Joyce Ang                            “Meticulous and prudent in her work. Covers all angles to ensure that the client is promptly advised on potential risk exposures.”     


Smitha Menon  "“Excellent lawyer who is on top of the law in the restructuring space. Able to provide practical solutions.”

“Technically very strong but extremely commercial and solution orientated. Confident manner, calming influence, well networked.”


Tan Teck Howe                 “High level of professionalism and knowledge in his field. Fast response.”

“Very high expertise, very professional, straightforward, fast, solving problems and pointing out the key points.”

“Strengths: Strong grasp of legal concepts and his ability to ‘think out of the box’ and remain composed during negotiations.”


Wendy Lin                           “Wendy led the team who assisted us and her work was impeccable. I always felt she was communicating with a high degree of candour and fully committed to our goals and vision of her firm in our overall dispute. Wendy was responsive, knowledgeable and practical. We were engaged in brinksmanship and she brought us to the brink credibly and methodically. Her ability to take the methodical steps to ratchet up the pressure without committing us to a drawn out legal battle delivered us the result we were after.”              


South Korea:

Bae Kim & Lee

David Ahn                           “Proactive approach to problem solving and prompt responses.”              


Ji Hyun Kim                         “Jihyun is smart and very detail oriented.”           


Kevin Kim                            “Kevin is a highly experienced arbitration lawyer.”           


Minwoon Yang                  “Easy to work with. Devoted to the work and focus on the needs of the client.”


Kim & Chang

Brian Oh                              “I value Brian's input very highly and it is a good partnership.”    


Deok-Il Seo and Hyo-Sang Kim    “Both of them are very communicative and very good in English. They don't enjoy holidays. They respond even during holidays.”   


Eun Hee Kim                       “Fast response time and provide tactical solutions/advises that the company is looking for.”               


Hwan Beom Lee                               “Quick and good understanding of the subjects. Connect subject matter experts if necessary with good communication.”  


Hyun Wook Shin               “The rich research and prompt, accurate responses are impressive.”       


Jae Ho Baek                        “He understands the insurance industry and tries to respond as soon as possible.”            


Jisoo Jang                            “Mr Jang is a great lawyer with expertise in his practice areas.”  


Kyung Shik Roh                 “Roh has a remarkable ability to understand the client and suggest approaches that align with the client company's values and risk appetite.”  


Min San Kim                       “I could not be happier with the work I received from Minsan Kim. He is extremely efficient, competent and professional. His work was outstanding, always clear and concise. He was responsive to my phone calls and emails and always available to answer any questions. Thus, the communication was excellent and efficient. He understood clearly what the client wanted and needed and made sure that nothing fell through the cracks.”        


Myoung Jae Chung                          “He worked with us for past 5 years – knows the ins and out of our situation and provides the right advice.”          


Myung Soon Chung         "Myung is very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise.”

“Quickly identifies the issue and provides practical legal solutions.”"        

Wan Bin Park                     “Wan Bin Park has very good understanding of our business and actively provides meaningful advices.”             


Young Min Kim                  “Kim provides a considerate advice. Broad and in-depth knowledge and experience is always very helpful. No weakness has been identified yet.”        


Yunjoh Lee and Hwasoo Chung                  “Bilingual in Korean and English, possessing the expertise/knowledge and experience in the subject matter areas, and great client management skills.”       


Lee & Ko

Chan Ik Jang                       “Mr Jang has extensive experience and knowledge about every corner of the construction field. His advice is strong, persuasive and professional.”


David Kim                            “He was excellent in communicating with clients and other participating lawyers and understanding different aspects of culture.”       


Eui Yeon Jo                         “She provides legal advice with in-depth discussions. She always helps us to solve our problems with a highly perceptive opinion. She has devotedly worked for the clients.”    


Hwan Kyoung Ko                              “He has flexibility to match the client's demands.”           


Jae Duk Bae                        “Bae is a criminal attorney who used to be a former public prosecutor. He is a very honest and hardworking man. I am very impressed with his knowledge of food safety related issues. Bae is one of the top experts in the field of criminal investigation.”     


John JungKyum Kim                        “High quality of work and amenable to our needs. The summary of advice really helped our business people to grasp the gist.”    


Jong Soo Yoon                   “Mr. Yoon is considered the most prominent leader in the field of IT and IP law in Korea. I see no weaknesses.”             


Kwang Bae Park                “Client-friendliness, industry knowledge, experienced and flexibile.”       


Kwon Jin Hong                   “Deep knowledge of our company's industry.”   


Sang Hoon Lee                  “Very knowledgeable in labour and employment issues.”             


Seum Law

Hoseok Jung                       “His professionalism and execution ability is better than any lawyer I've worked with in the past.”

“Absolutely fantastic. Responsive and professional.”


Steve Ahn                           “Ahn is very aware and keen on US practices and has the ability to connect it to Korea.”


Sri Lanka:

DL & F De Saram

Prabash De Saram                            “Has excellent knowledge in his areas of expertise and his many years of experience has helped us in this regard.”



Brain Trust International Law Firm

Hung Ou-Yang                   “He is well-experienced and knowledgeable, which gives us full coverage of every legal issue.”

“Fast replies, great point of view, detailed and customer-focused responses.”

“He is professional and gives immediate and comprehensive solutions.”


Eiger Law

John Eastwood                  “John has been a pleasure to work with. He is responsive and helpful to our demands.”

“He is very clear and helpful. His written opinions are worth paying for.”

“John is very dedicated to meeting clients’ needs. His risk assessment skills for Asia are very good and as a born American, he is the perfect person to interpret and achieve the goals of a Western based company like ours.” 


LCS & Partners

Kai-Hua Yu                          “He is excellent. Kai is very friendly and understands the needs of startups.”

“He is very good, practical, communicates well and understands clients’ needs.”

“Accurate, professional, instant, efficient.”


Lee and Li

Benjamin Li                         “Benjamin is a very knowledgeable corporate and M&A lawyer that helped with our overall M&A transaction and the regulatory landscape in Taiwan.  I trust him completely.”           


David Tien                           “David Tien is an excellent corporate and M&A attorney who managed our transactions with great results.”


Lexcel Partners

Sue Su                   “Smart and efficient.”   


Lin & Partners

David Huang                       “Fast and experienced with a strong business sense to support flexible agreement negotiations.”  


George Lin          “He has good leadership and excellent experiences in related laws and cases.”

“Professional, well-connected and excellent cost value.”

“He is very sharp, to the point, not wasting client's time and money but offering excellent quality service.”


Russin & Vecchi

Echo Hsu                              “Echo provides solid and clear advice and is highly responsive to client's needs.”


Tai E International Patent & Law Office

Amanda Hung                    “Amanda has much experience in trade mark prosecution. She understands and meets the business goals and is always quick in response.”


Tsai Lee & Chen Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law

Candy Chen                        “She is an excellent communicator and an excellent attorney.”

“Candy Chen boasts extraordinary skills and attention to detail in all facets of IP.”


Crystal Chen                       “Perfect work on every level and excellent communication skills. A senior experienced as well as complete attorney whose advice is of high quality.”   


Yiling Liu                               “Provides detailed advice.”


Zoomlaw Attorneys-at-Law

Kuohua Fan                        “He always provides professional knowledge, and some solutions to communicate and discuss how to reach the next step in order to go in the right direction.”



Apisith & Alliance

John Apisith                        “One of the few Thai based lawyers with a US JD degree and big firm international experience who has set up his own law firm.  His work product is good, and it is compiled efficiently.”            


Chandler MHM

Khun Supattra Sathapornnanon                “I really appreciated her a lot. She helped me any time I needed solutions and had to consult on the problem. Her knowledge is quite excellent. She understood my deal and responded quickly.”                


Pranat Laohapairoj                          “Demonstrated professionalism, commitment and knowledge.”


Seiji Akimoto                     “He listens to what the clients insist on.”              


Susumu Hanawa                               “Very diligent and supportive.” 



Kraisorn Rueangkul                         “Kraisorn provided key transactional support for the acquisition in Thailand, highlighting key risks and providing pragmatic solutions for the client.”

“Kraisorn has good commercial understanding.”


Nipaporn Supha-utchaichan                        “Nipaporn is skilled on advising M&A transactions and is good at team management. She can always provide us the work result in a timely manner.”     


JTJB International Lawyers

Bunnasomboon Chaiparinya                       “Very good relationship management skills. Ability to clearly explain the risk involved.”          


Pornnarong  Lamkitsamrith                          “He's quite informative.”             



Piphob Veerapong                          “He is the most expert tax advisor in Thailand who has strong knowledge and background. He has very good communication skills both in Thai and English.”    


Rachanee Prasongprasit                “I highly value her work. Her work products are well deliberated and we are satisfied with them.”       


LS Horizon

Itthiwut Saengratanadej                               “He is a friendly and detailed lawyer, always up for 24/7 for response.”-Dispute resolution          


Respondek & Fan

Andreas Respondek         “He is a German lawyer who has lived in Thailand for a long time and has gained a lot of local experience. He also employs Thai lawyers for support to help his work.”


Tilleke & Gibbins

Athistha Chitranukroh                    “Khun Nop has good industry knowledge and an excellent manner with clients. She is responsive and provides clear, practical advice.”


Chaiwat Keratisuthisathorn                         “Chaiwat is highly professional and provides valuable legal advice in a way that instils a high level of confidence.”  


Charunun Sathitsuksomboon                     “Very helpful and knowledgeable in her area of practise. She out-serves her clients.”

David Beckstead                               “It was easy to get in contact with him, and agree on the scope of work and the terms of engagement. Delivery of work was on time and at a very high standard.”          


John Frangos                      “Good and thorough legal assessment, pleasure to work with.”  


Michelle Ray-Jones                         “She has expertise and a great understanding of the local IP laws as well as the market realities, she is highly attentive and reliable.”     


Thomas Treutler                               “He is outstanding.  Particularly in a particular developing country, he knows it very well and easily navigates it.”       


Vinh Quoc Nguyen                          “He is straightforward and delivers business-oriented advice. He is caring with quick responses.”       


Weerawong Chinnavat & Partners

Nattapon Pengkul                            “He is dedicated, well-rounded, detailed-oriented, and responsive.”       


Panuwat Chalongkwamdee         "“Experienced and knowledgeable in his own field with good manners and EQ.”

“Very helpful, responsive and focused on the work.” 


Passawan Navanithikul  “Attentive, detail-oriented, great knowledge of the market.”      


Sakchai Limisiripothong "“He's a real tiger in the courtroom and very robust with his advice. We felt we were in safe hands. Highly strategic.”

“Sakchai Limsiripothong managed the overall preparation and the personal coaching throughout the whole process to help perform well and cope with all the demands and contingencies. With his professional guidance and perfect briefing he ensured a perfect course of action at court. We built a perfect, reliable and trustworthy team to ensure a lawsuit win would be highly likely. He is a great coach and perfect in litigation.”

“Khun Sakchai was energetic, creative, thorough, responsive and diligent. I have always been extremely pleased with his work.”

“Very reliable and accessible. Good experience and a problem solver.”


Veeranuch Thammavaranucupt                “She is highly responsible and professional.”


Warathorn Wongsawangsiri                        “Extremely competent, knowledgeable and responsive.”

“Very knowledgeable and commercial. Easy to use. Quick to understand the important issues.”


Jirapat Thammavaranucupt                         “Very professional work.”



Audier & Partners

Bernadette Fahy                              “She has sufficient experience in dispute resolution in Vietnam.”              


Le Thuy Lan                         “Prompt and clear legal advices.”             


Bross & Partners

Le Quang Vinh                   “Understanding clients, excellent practice.”        



Tran Thi Vu Hanh                              “Accurate, timely, commercial.”


Dilinh Legal

Diep Hoang                         “An outstanding lawyer.”

“Good commercial understanding and he provides legal quick and with good quality.”


Michael Lee                        “Extremely good. Michael is very responsive, is a true partner to the company, and demonstrates excellent expertise.”        


Michael Lee and Diep Hoang                       “Michael Lee and Diep Hoang are outstanding lawyers. They’ve been able to help us navigate our way through complex legal issues related to the construction of our facility (including the contracts with the general contractor and subcontractors, procurement of required government authorisations, and advice with respect to strategies for resolving disputes). They are able to see the big picture in addition to having excellent focus on the incremental details.”




Nguyen Viet Ha                 “Mr Ha has wide and deep knowledge and experiences in energy and Infrastructure projects, especially the power projects.” 


Pham Ba Linh                     “Linh is experienced in energy and oil and gas industry. He has both extreme knowledge and skills of Vietnamese laws related to oil and gas as well as cross border transactions.”

“Wow, Ba Linh is a very experienced lawyer in oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and project financing. I have worked with Ba Linh for over ten years in oil & gas projects. He contributes a lot of practical advice to our project.”

“I’ve been working in the oil and gas and power industry for 25 years and in my personal view, Pham Ba Linh is one of the best energy and infrastructure lawyers in Vietnam of whom I highly rate for his legal expertise and strong industry knowledge in the Vietnam upstream oil and gas industry. I know some of the large scale upstream projects including some M&A deals Linh has provided legal consultancy service and saw success in there. Therefore, I strongly recommend Lexcomm and Linh in particular for advising large-scale Vietnam energy development projects.”


LNT & Partners

Nguyen Anh Tuan                            “Dr Nguyen Anh Tuan is very well versed with the laws and regulations relating to the pharmaceuticals industry in Vietnam. He understands the commercial needs and constraints and provides us with practical advice. From what I gathered, he serves many multinational pharmaceutical clients in Vietnam and is a well-recognised authority among Singapore lawyers. The shortfall I would say is that he is a very busy man and email responses may be slow - the fastest way to reach him is through his mobile phone.  He can attend to t-con or calls at short notice.”   


PLF Law Firm

Bui Cong Thanh, Nguyen Van Phuc and Nguyen Thi Hoa                  “Quick reply on any request. Understand our need and always contact first to help and resolve any problem or missing information. Provide clear-cut advices.”         


Tilleke & Gibbins

Thomas Joseph Treutler                                “Fantastic lawyer, very commercial.”      



Tran Viet Dung                  “Good client relationship right service.”



Dang Duong Anh and Nguyen Vu Quynh Lam                       “Hands-on. Constructive legal advice.”   


Tran Tuan Phong“Phong is sharp, effective and knowledgeable.”


Vina Legal

Duong Quang Long                          “This is a highly experienced and intelligent lawyer who always finds solutions in very difficult situations for us.”

“As a person with many years of experience, Long is skilful in communication, have good English skills, polite and professional.”

“He is very intelligent, careful and attentive to the service he provides.”

“Mr Duong Quang Long has a comprehensive knowledge about Vietnamese and international laws. He has been providing excellent and practical advice to us.”

“Very good understanding about local practice.”


Huy Nguyen Bao                               “Responsible, reliable and knowledgeable. Understands local law and practice.” 


Trieu Thi Thanh Huong                   “Ms Trieu Thi Thanh Huong has been very committed and provided practical advice to us.”