The opening session of the GIPC marked an important milestone in Anand & Anand’s centennial celebrations. Mr. Pravin Anand , on behalf of the Vidya Intellectual Property foundation, launched the firm’s prototype 3D hologram of India’s first Nobel laureate, Sir CV Raman.

The hologram has been built using AI, face superimposition, speech synthesis, deep learning techniques, high- end processing machines, and cloud computing power.

This is to further Anand & Anand’s vision of promoting science and technology amongst today’s youth, and to celebrate scientists who are the bedrock of India’s innovation story.

With the launch of this prototype, we’ve taken first steps towards building a hologram museum of scientists.

Pravin Anand, Vaishali Mittal and Siddhant Chamola are behind the project. Our technology partners are OpeZee, a company leading cutting edge visual tech in India.