In an ultra-competitive market, client service delivery is a decisive factor for buyers of legal services in choosing which leading law firm and lawyers to instruct.

For the asialaw Profiles 2021 edition client survey, BR Law Corporation received consistent positive feedback for delivering high-quality service in Real estate.

BR Law Corporation shares the firm's success at delivering client service excellence with asialaw.


How does your firm add value to your clients?

Our firm adds value to our clients by going beyond the necessary to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected. Whether we are acting for corporate developers or individuals purchasing residential properties, our clients’ interests are our priority and of utmost concern. Since the sale and purchase of property involves big-ticket items and is a momentous occasion for our clients, we treat each purchase and sale of property as if it were our own individual transaction – a matter involving our own home. We make sure to understand our client’s needs and preferences and we establish preferred communication channels. Our firm also prioritises our clients’ informational needs – keeping them comprehensively advised of the overall transaction structure and timelines, and well abreast of any subsequent updates.

As a full-service law firm, we are able to easily tap into a wide range of resources in the form of the varied expertise of our colleagues from other departments. Where our clients’ real estate transaction raises issues that require different skill-sets, we can quickly rope in one of our own for assistance. In such a way, our firm as a comprehensive body adds value to our clients by providing more than just real estate expertise.

What is the key to maintaining long term client relationships?

The familial atmosphere at the firm translates into warmth, empathy and approachability in our dealings with clients which in turn results in long term client relationships. Our clients, their children, nieces and nephews often come back to us to handle any future property transactions. We make ourselves available for any queries, no matter how simple or complex, since we consider the transaction to be as our own. Our heavy sense of responsibility toward each matter translates into client confidence and trust. We are always happy to meet old friends again to assist them with, and congratulate them on their next successful transactions.

What internal training services do you provide to your lawyers to ensure they maintain high standards?

To maintain a spirit of personal responsibility toward each matter and the atmosphere of familial warmth, we continually train new additions to the firm to approach each transaction as if it were their own. “If this were your own personal purchase of your first home after years of saving up, what matters would you double and triple check? What aspects would you ensure had been taken into consideration at the earliest stage possible? Would you favour haste or exercise caution?”

Our young colleagues learn during our meetings with the client the comprehensive advice that must be given in respect of client’s finances and other practical aspects of the transaction. Pre and post meeting discussions about each transaction help train our next generation to see that each transaction is unique and must be given its own due consideration. As a real estate department, we buy out the time for a general meeting every week to discuss features of cases we have handled in the past week. This expands each lawyer’s horizon and allows us to broaden our understanding of the different situations that arise in real estate practice.

What do you think differentiates your firm’s services from your peers?

We think that our emphasis on a personal approach to each case differentiates our firm’s services from our peers. Conveyancing and real estate practice has often been depicted as fairly standard-form. However, each client’s individual needs, concerns and circumstances differ and that is where we differentiate ourselves – when we are able to tailor our services to their unique factual matrix. Our clients appreciate such a hands-on consideration of their matter.

How does your firm allocate staffing resources for your client’s work in terms of seniority and/or budget to meet the client’s needs?

We keep our fees competitive and reasonable by delegating certain aspects of the matter to experienced colleagues in a line system. In such a way, those in charge of their aspect of matters are well-versed in what they have specialized in. This increases the efficiency and accuracy with which our clients’ matters are managed. In such a way, the routine aspects of the matter are well managed by seasoned staff while I remain contactable by the client on other more nuanced deliberations and am able to keep a close eye on each file.

Are there any changes you are considering implementing in the near future to better serve your clients?

Looking ahead, we are looking at utilizing digital dataspaces more effectively. We have already invested significantly in software to future-proof our office systems, and in digitising our work. This is an area that is of particular interest to our firm and we are sure that the benefits that come from improved technology will improve our service standards significantly. In the past year, we have already seen the benefits that came from investing in this area, when the pandemic required a shift in the traditional mindset toward remote workspaces. We look forward to maximising the advantages of improved digital systems in the coming years.

Our firm believes that staying ahead of the curve, being ever-responsive to changing tides and feedback is crucial. We can thus stay relevant to our clients and improve our service standards to meet our clients’ dynamic needs.

Authored by:

Suriakala Param, Consultant, Real Estate 


 Cannis Seng, Associate Director, Real Estate 


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