In August 2018, JunHe LLP announced the establishment of its 12thoffice – Chengdu Office.

When establishing Qingdao Office in 2017, Mr. Xiao Wei, the managing partner of JunHe, disclosed about JunHe’s future general strategy and planning that “in addition to Qingdao Office, our next step is to enter into other second-tier cities that economically grow fast, so that we can provide all-around quality legal service for the economic activities in different cities”. Nowadays, the said “next step” mentioned by Mr. Xiao Wei turns out to be Chengdu, the top one of the “Global Fastest Growing Cities in Future 10 Years” as rated by Forbes.

In recent years, with a view to the goal of “building metropolis in China”, Chengdu has gradually grown from an inland city to the frontier line for China to open market in western and southern China. The establishment of JunHe Chengdu Office will definitely inject a new strength into the legal service market in Chengdu.