The Hindustan Chamber of Industry and Commerce (HCIM) held a press conference on March 15, 2024, announcing numerous significant milestones in India's intellectual property landscape. The announcement emphasised the successful efforts of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in strengthening the country's IPR ecosystem, with a notable uptick in intellectual property registrations across various domains. Of note, the Intellectual Property Office issued more than 100,000 patents within a single year, demonstrating a remarkable achievement in fostering innovation and encouraging further intellectual property registration.

The issuance of 101,311 patents in a single year accentuates the growing emphasis on innovation and research-driven development in the country. By incentivising inventors and creators through robust patent protection mechanisms, India aims to bolster its position as a global innovation hub. The surge in patent grants reflects not only the increasing innovation but also the efficiency and effectiveness of the patent examination process.

In tandem with the surge in patent grants, it was also announced that there has been a notable threefold increase in the registration of geographical indications (GI), with 573 GI tags registered. This substantial rise in GI registrations underscores the rise in traditional knowledge and indigenous products of the country.

In addition, a surge in the registration of designs and copyrights was also recognised, with 27819 registrations done and an overall disposal of 30450 applications., reflecting the growing recognition of the importance of design-led innovation in enhancing product competitiveness and consumer appeal.

Similarly, copyrights, which protect original literary, artistic, and musical works, have demonstrated an all-time high registration rate, with 36378 registrations done during 2023-24. This surge underscores India's expanding creative industries such as literature, music, film, and software development.

Furthermore, the Trademark Registry (TMR) has made significant strides in streamlining the examination process, offering examinations in the shortest possible time. This efficiency enhancement reinforces the IPO’s commitment to fostering an encouraging milieu for entrepreneurship and brand development. The swift registration process not only enhances the ease of doing business but also instils confidence among investors and stakeholders, thereby promoting economic growth and competitiveness.

The Intellectual Property Office also released the following statistics, accessible here:

These recent milestones, including the issuance of one lakh patents, coupled with advancements in geographical indications, designs, copyrights, and trademarks, reflect a holistic approach by the IPO towards nurturing creativity, preserving cultural heritage, and fostering economic development. Moving forward, sustained efforts towards strengthening intellectual property rights enforcement, enhancing institutional capacity, and fostering innovation ecosystems will be instrumental in further strengthening the intellectual property ecosystem in the country.