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Investment funds

Echo has specialized/is specializing in private investment funds, investing and financing, asset management and trust, foreign investment and cross-border M&A, asset securitization, etc., which make her accumulative rich cases experience and be widely acclaimed by clients. Echo is committed to legal research on laws and regulations, self-regulatory rules, and policy trends in the fields of law practice to provide clients with professional, efficient and high-quality legal services.

Echo has represented/is representing Greystar, Millburn, AZ Capital, KPCB, Dun & Bradstreet International, PGIM, ASUS, SMG, ZhongAn Insurance, Jianyuan Capital and Yuansheng Finance Leasing (STEC 600820), Orient Investment and Orient Jiafu (Zhejiang Orient Financial Holding Group 600120), Guosen Securities, Huangpu Fund (the government fund), Haifu Fund, Seazen Holdings, Powerlong Real Estate Holding Limited, Dothink Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai World Expo Land Holding, Shanghai Trust, Shanghai State-owned Assets Management, Changzhou Industrial Investment Group, Archosaur Games Inc. (9990.HK), Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. (STEC 300307), GSUM Fund Management, Go High Capital, CITIC Pacific Property, Orient-SVB Fund, China Asset Management, Yuanta Holding, BEA Union, BEA, Hangzhou Financial Investment, DBS, Solus, Gottex, Itaú BBA, Chaos & Daoran Asset Management, Harbinger, Conning, Old Mutual Global, Dymon, GAM, Fullerton, New Margin, New Berger Berman, Pine River, Snow Lake Capital, SHKF, Fidelity, Oyster Bay, Samson, Vanguard, Yifang Investment Co.,Ltd., Dingfeng Asset Management Co.,Ltd., Sunvision Capital, etc.

Echo has qualifications of independent directors of Shanghai Stock Exchange, securities practice and fund practice, and carbon trader.

Echo, as a member of the editorial board, participated in the writing of the Practice of Private Equity Lawyers under the direction of the Shanghai Bar Association and the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Annual Report (2016) edited by the Asset Management Association of China, and provided professional support for the writing of the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Annual Report (2019). Echo also provided professional opinion for the Compliance Management Manual of Private Securities Investment Fund Industry under the direction of Asset Management Association of China.

  • Acquisition of a Domestic Company by D&B International Group and Its Chinese Subsidiary
    Grandway provides Dun & Bradstreet International Group and its Chinese subsidiary with full process legal services on the acquisition of a domestic company. The target company of this project is a joint venture company established by the Chinese subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet International Group and another Chinese local shareholder, and the target company has existed for more than ten years, therefore, there are a series of historical issues between the client and that Chinese local shareholder to be solved which made this project lasted for a long time. Grandway provided professional legal advice to the client on these historical issues, participated in the negotiations on behalf of the client, and drafted and revised a set of transaction documents for the client in both Chinese and English versions. The project was closed successfully in 2022.
  • Strategic Investment in DGW by Seazen - Grandway provides Seazen (A share list 601155. SH) with full process legal services on its strategic investment in DGW. The legal services provided by Grandway included conducting legal due diligence on 10 private fund managers and dozens of private equity funds and real estate projects, participating in several rounds of negotiations on behalf of the client, drafting, reviewing and modifying transaction documents, and assisting the closing of the transaction. Although DGW had tremendous and complicated company assets, the project required Grandway to complete all the missions in a limited time. The project was finally closed successfully, and the client has high comments on Grandway’s legal service.
  • Series B and Series B+ Financing of Lichu - Grandway provides Lichu with legal services on its series B and series B+ financing. In the series B financing, Lichu was jointly invested by the investment funds of Ant Group and the Tencent Group, and in the series B+ financing, which happened only months after the series B financing, Lichu was invested by an investment fund of an insurance Group, Taikang. There were many parties with different commercial demands involved in these transactions, and the new investors were in a strong position in the negotiation. To this end, Grandway participated in several rounds of negotiations with all parties on behalf of Lichu to strive for the rights and interests as much as possible, and provided the client with professional legal services including drafting, reviewing and modifying transaction documents, providing legal opinion on anti-monopoly compliance and information protection compliance, and assisting the closing of the transaction.
  • Establishment of Shanghai Comprehensive Reform Fund by Shanghai Huangpu Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. with Other Co-founders - Grandway provides Shanghai Huangpu Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. with full process legal services on the establishment of Shanghai Comprehensive Reform Fund, of which the initial amount to be raised is RMB 5 billion. The co-founders of Shanghai Comprehensive Reform Fund includes Beijing Guoxin Comprehensive Reform Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) under China Guoxin Group, Shanghai SDIC Capital Management Co., Ltd. under Shanghai Guotou Group, China State-owned Enterprise Mixed Ownership Reform Fund Co., Ltd. under China Chengtong Group, Huangpu District Government Investment Fund, Shanghai Lingang New District Daohe Phase I Industrial Asset Allocation Equity Investment Fund Partnership(L.P.), Huaian Kechuang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. and other companies. The legal services provided by Grandway involve legal due diligence, transaction document drafting and negotiation, etc. Grandway was required to interview limited partners and other relevant personnel involved in this transaction and complete the corresponding legal due diligence in a limited time. The project was finally closed successfully.
  • Joint Investment in a Military Enterprise by STEC Fund II and Other Investors - Grandway provides STEC Fund II with legal services on its joint investment in a military enterprise affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In this project, STEC Fund II, as the lead investor, jointly invested in the target company with 13 other investors. Before the investment, due to the complicated review process of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the target company failed to complete the registration of previous rounds of financing at the industrial and commercial authority, and Grandway assisted in dealing with relevant issues in this round of financing. In addition, as the lawyer of the STEC Fund II, Grandway was required to coordinate the requirements of all parties and reach an agreement with the target company, and the services Grandway provided included drafting and reviewing transaction documents, negotiating and communicating with the target company and other investors on behalf of the client, prompting legal risks and providing professional legal opinions. The project was finally closed successfully in 2022.

  • Corporate and M&A
  • Investment funds
  • Private equity


  • Banking and financial services
  • Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Real estate
  • Technology and telecommunications


  • Deputy Director of Fund Research Committee of Shanghai Bar Association ;
  • Arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission


  • Master’s Degree (International Law) Dalian Maritime University, September 2005 – March 2008