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Practice area:

Dispute resolution

Principal practice areas/industry focus: Litigation and arbitration of major difficult commercial cases, Corporate legal affairs, Bankruptcy reorganization & liquidation, etc. 

Career Highlights: Chang Yi has many years of experience as judge in civil and commercial lawsuits. Her practice areas mainly cover the litigation and arbitration of major difficult commercial cases, bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, corporate legal affairs, etc. She has dealt with many lawsuits and arbitrations heard by the Supreme People’s Court and local people’s courts at various levels, and succeeded in dealing with cases in the areas of corporate stock, contract, real property, finance, guarantee, bankruptcy and other fields.

Chang Yi also has profound studies and rich practical experiences in the field of commercial organizations bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation. Chang Yi used to take part in bankruptcy projects as the bankruptcy administrator, or the creditors agent, etc., and involved in such procedures through multi-angle and multi-level ways. Thus, Chang Yi has a deep understanding of these legal procedures and the interests, rights and obligations of different roles, which gives her the advantage of coordinating all parties concerned to reach a beneficial balanced point.

Chang has been acting as standing legal advisor for many clients, including government, major SOEs and other clients, and established close cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known banks and non-banking financial institutions, investment companies, and well-known enterprises in other industries.

Chang Yi has a good theoretical foundation, professional quality and the ability to handle complex cases appropriately in every aspect. Chang Yi is good at accurately grasping the core demands of her clients and providing professional and efficient solutions, and is a lawyer highly trusted by her clients. In particular, Chang Yi had excellent language expression and strain capacity in the trial, which made the trial effect of her widely praised.

Chang and her team take an active part in public legal affairs and have participated in several legal propaganda campaigns organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice. In particular, she has attended as guest speaker of corporate law area in the activity “Interpreting Law with Cases”. In addition, she and her team have been acting as the attorney propaganda team for “Law Propaganda to Enterprises”, contributed to the publicity of law in Beijing.

Asialaw Notable practitioner 2021 in Dispute Resolution