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12/F, T1 South Tower, Beijing Kaisa Plaza
86 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District

+86 10 82255588

+86 10 82255588

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Main contact: Su Lu
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Main contact: Livia Du
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Quick facts:

Number of partners: 179
Number of lawyers: 551
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese

V&T is a full-service law firm committed to providing a wide range of legal services to clients. We have offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an, Changsha, Hangzhou.

Foreign law firms in Madrid, Manchester, Kolding, Sydney, Chicago, Auckland, Florence and Toronto have signed V&T Alliance contracts with us.

V&T is a team of leading lawyers who specialize in corporate law & capital markets, banking & finance, private equity, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, international practice, real estate, construction & infrastructure, dispute resolution, criminal risk prevention & defense, and governmental legal affairs. Our lawyers graduated from top-ranked domestic and international universities, and have strong professional backgrounds in law and securities, finance, insurance, construction, real estate management, environmental protection, business administration, and intellectual property, among other areas. Our partners have been appointed legislative consultants of the Standing Committees of the NPC, legal counsel for a number of government departments and bureaus, and arbitrators and legal counsel for various other legal organizations.

V&T is committed to high standards and consistent professionalism. It provides efficient, high-quality service while following industry standard practices to meet the diverse global needs of clients. Our lawyers work in teams that feature a project responsibility system. Group discussions examine complex legal issues so that personal expertise and team strengths may be fully utilized to prove the most cost-effective legal services. Our “client-oriented” culture focuses on quality control and risk reduction. To ensure that the client benefits, all work product delivered to the client is reviewed by partners and senior lawyers. We use an integrated whole-process tracking service. We assemble teams of professionals in various areas to divide the work and collaborate while tracking the progress of client matters in order to reduce legal risks.

V&T will invite leading international law firms to join our network and create a worldwide V&T legal network. V&T Alliance strengthens cooperation between V&T and its alliance members at the members’ locations, provides localized legal services to Chinese clients, and creates opportunities for the members to provide legal services in China.

  • Corporate & capital markets
  • Banking & finance
  • Private equity
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Intellectual property
  • International practice
  • Real estate
  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Dispute resolution
  • Criminal risk prevention & defense
  • Governmental legal affairs