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1808D-F, Building B, Tongyong International Center
Yongandongli, Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100020

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Founding partner: Youping Ma
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Founding partner: Will Zhang
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Quick facts:

Number of lawyers: 50+
Languages: Mandarin, English, Japanese

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Beijing, Bridgeon law Firm now has more than 60 employees, with offices in Xi 'an, Changzhou, Hong Kong and Australia.

Focusing on Intellectual Property business, we have been providing IP services for various domestic and foreign enterprises for many years.

For large enterprises and institutions in different industries including Fortune 500 and listed companies, we provide comprehensive services including: Patent application, Patent invalidation and litigation, Patent technology licensing and evaluation, Intellectual Property strategy consulting, Overseas pre-warning, Risk assessment, etc.

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  • Regulatory
  • Intellectual property

Intellectual property
Youping MA

Will Zhang

Recent case highlights:
Representing Goertek in a series of litigation cases against patent infringement from a competitor
Representing Moncee Sensor in a series of patent invalidation cases and successfully maintained all patent rights for Moncee
Representing Goertek in 4 ongoing litigation cases against patent infringement from a competitor
Representing FTSafe v. infosec. in a series of disputes over infringement of invention patent rights, with a total compensation amount of RMB 1.75 million
Maintained rights for FTSafe against patent right invalidation appeal
Representing Mobike in 2 ongoing appeal cases against patent invalidation rule

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