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40 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan str, Ward Vo Thi Sau,
Ho Chi Minh city

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Key contacts:

Attorney Partner: Phung Thi Huyen
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Managing Partner: Nguyen Duy Anh
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Quick facts:

Languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Network memberships: 4
Number of lawyers: 4

Aplus Law (Luat A+) was created with the idea of connecting law with people and businesses, creating legal peace of mind and sustainable value for clients. We understand complexity; we understand your needs and we are shaped by 10+ years of skill, passion, and integrity. Apluslaw blends traditions of success with current market knowledge providing clients with exceptional counsel and solutions. We have learned that our clients want a firm that is current with today’s practices and technologies, and capable of responding to their needs now and well into the future.
Your Apluslaw Attorney is part of a dynamic, respectful, and diverse team that values excellence, hard work, creativity, and attention to detail. Whether you need guidance in exploring a remarkable opportunity, or passionate support in defending an action against you, your Aplus Law Attorney will focus on your needs and achieving results.

  • Banking and finance
  • Capital markets
  • Competition/antitrust
  • Construction
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Dispute resolution
  • Regulatory
  • Intellectual property
  • Labour and employment
  • Investment funds
  • Private equity
  • Restructuring and insolvency
  • Tax

1. “Accompanying [A+Law] from the very beginning helps Coolmate solve a lot of legal issues and confidently manage, support the team to work in accordance with the law, especially when calling for capital and having more investors makes the process of calling for investment more convenient. Not only helps businesses save money, but also time, which is extremely important in doing Startup. Having Attorney of [A+Law] always beside us to handle all legal matters makes us more confident in our business.” - Mr. Pham Chi Nhu- CE0 Fastech Asia Co., Ltd., founder of Coolmate fashion brand.

2. “Thank you for your enthusiastic support, handling the workload faster than the our request. Will definitely continue to cooperate and accompany the rest of the way, when we need legal advice.” - Mr. Ngo Huu Duc Phuong - CEO of Inamori Joint Stock Company.

3. “Greatest of Greats!!! Very happy to hear such good news!!! Thanks Huyen san. Thank you very much for your great support, indeed.”- Mrs. Mihara Miho, owner and CEO of Manteiv company limited (100% Japanese owned company)

4. “Thank you, Ms. Huyen, for enthusiastically supporting me alot. Working with you I feel very secure. If I do not understand anything, you will enthusiastically explain and guide me. So if there is a chance, I still want to cooperate and work with you :) Thank you very much” – Ms. Phan Cam Xuyen- Chau Chau Phu Quoc Co., Ltd.

5. “I’ve found you to be very professional when we work together.” Ms.Carly from KMW cosmetics (in Korea)

6. "Thanks to Ms.Huyen Attorney. My case was quickly resolved by her, she helped me to relieve my frustration, depression, and even poverty because of being oppressed by bad guys." – Ms. Le Ai Duyen- client in the labor dispute case.

7. "Thank you to Ms.Huyen Attorney, the time I worked with you was the time when I trusted and felt most secure when I received your enthusiastic support, thoughtful advice and stood by my side to the case yielded good results. Thank you again, Huyen, I hope you continue to develop your abilities – an Attorney who is both professional and dedicated" - Ms. Ho Thi Thanh Tam, client of the land dispute case.

8. “Working with Attorney Duy Anh, I was able to explain all issues in all aspects of the relevant law, I am completely assured that I entrusted the case to Attorney Duy Anh” Cao Thi Hong Van — Head of Lotte Date Communication

9. “I always trust when working with Duy Anh lawyer” Mr. Hiep - Director of MKFOOD Co., Ltd

10. “Aplus Attorney always focus on the most effective solution even if they fall into the most extreme situation” Ms. Ngoc Anh, Infinity Co., Ltd