In an ultra-competitive market, client service delivery is a decisive factor for buyers of legal services in choosing which leading law firm and lawyers to instruct.

For the asialaw Profiles 2021 edition client survey, Rossana Chu at LC Lawyers received consistent positive feedback for delivering high-quality service in Capital markets.

Ms. Chu shares the firm's success at delivering client service excellence with asialaw.

How does your firm add value to your clients?

LC Lawyers adds value to our clients by understanding their background and pain points, identifying their needs and providing tailor made solutions. These values are also offered to potential clients and the public through our bespoke legal updates, topical webinars and seminars and leadership articles on the latest issues impacting the society.

What is the key to maintaining long term client relationships?

At LC Lawyers, we believe the key to maintaining long term client relationships includes (1) striving to be a “trusted” adviser to our clients, (2) establishing an open line of communication and keeping in touch with a client during every stage of their legal matters, (3) identifying how our expertise can provide solutions to our clients to fulfil their objectives and expectations and (4) showcasing our credibility in needed practice areas.

What internal training services do you provide to your lawyers to ensure they maintain high standards?

At LC Lawyers, we provide internal and external trainings to our lawyers and supporting staff. These training include onsite seminars, webinars, courses on the latest legal, technology and business topics.

As the Hong Kong law firm member of the EY global network, LC Lawyers may tap into the EY well-developed training resources on areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, agility, innovation, data strategies, cloud-based services and sustainability. To equip the workforce to handle and face with challenges in the future, complimentary badge courses are offered to EY member firms in its global network (including our law firm) to learn, accumulate experience and make contributions on a very wide range of aspects such as technologies, industry knowledge as well as management and leadership skills. The EY Tech MBA program allows any colleague within the EY global network to be awarded by Hult International Business School with a Master of Business Administration degree upon completing all parts of the program (mostly online).

What do you think differentiates your firm’s services from your peers?

What sets LC Lawyers apart from our peers is that our firm is a member of the EY global network. EY law services are offered in 90 jurisdictions with a team of more than 3,500 legal professionals. Leveraging on such a large platform, our lawyers understand the complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of today’s economy. With EY Law multi-jurisdictional one-stop shop approach, we help reduce the gap between clients and their business advisors, increasing efficiency and speed to market, while reducing costs for our clients.

Has your firm implemented technology to meet your clients’ needs? If so, what did you introduce?

The innovative and technology-driven Legal Managed Services (LMS) offerings of EY Law combines legal advice with technologies and innovative process transformation designs. LMS provide clients with better cost control, data accuracy, effective allocation of manpower, data analytics, enhanced risk management and flexibility to help them to cope with today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our key LMS offerings include contract lifecycle management, entity compliance and governance, and research and regulatory mapping.

How do you ensure you stay relevant to your clients?

With 3,500 professionals in 90 jurisdictions around the world, EY Law teams including LC Lawyers are able to offer a broad global coverage for legal matters and address our client’s needs in today’s uncertain and ever-changing legal landscape.

Are there any changes you are considering implementing in the near future to better serve your clients?

LC Lawyers along with other law firm members of the EY global network will continue to invest resources in our people and technologies to address clients’ growing pressure to re-think how legal work is done and by whom. EY Law Legal Managed Services continue customizing and supporting technologies and data-driven processes in order to control costs, better mitigate risk, and deliver value to our clients.

How do you manage the costs and budgets of your clients?

We identify the budget available for the matter from our client, and then manage and allocate our resources according to our client’s priority and objectives. In the process, we offer cost-efficient options to the client and help solving the bottleneck issues.

What different payment models or schemes do you offer (e.g. Hourly basis, project basis, etc.).

Depending on the complexity of the work and client’s background, we offer different payment models, e.g. on hourly basis, at a fixed or capped fee for the whole engagement or each part of the engagement, at blended rates, offering a good discount for abandoned engagement such as unsuccessful bids.

How does your firm allocate staffing resources for your client’s work in terms of seniority and/or budget to meet the client’s needs?”

In general, a partner, senior associate and a junior associate will be assigned for each matter. The allocation of work for each fee earner will depend on the complexity and workload of the engagement and our client’s needs.

Where do your firm or lawyers demonstrate leadership thinking or insight pieces to show its on top of legal and business updates?

At LC Lawyers, we regularly publish articles on a wide range of legal topics on our website, external publications, legal know-how platforms such as Lexology ( and social media channels such as LinkedIn ( and WeChat (WeChat ID: LC_Lawyers). We also host webinars and seminars on the latest legal and business topics to our clients. Please visit our website for more details.

How does a firm handle conflicts (like work conflicts, between clients)?

LC Lawyers along with other law firm members of the EY global network have invested heavily on training and technology in order to address the conflict issues. The objective is to ensure compliance with applicable regulations at all times and strengthen our clients’ confidence in us.


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