In an ultra-competitive market, client service delivery is a decisive factor for buyers of legal services in choosing which leading law firm and lawyers to instruct.

For the asialaw Profiles 2021 edition client survey, LIMN Law Corporation received consistent positive feedback for delivering high-quality service in Construction.

LIMN Law Corporation shares the firm's success at delivering client service excellence with asialaw.


How does your firm add value to your clients?

The firm prides itself on being highly responsive and extremely accessible. Each lawyer is readily contactable through their mobile lines, and calls are either answered immediately or returned within the same business day. The firm is on call 24 hours a day. The firm also always provides clear advice, putting itself in its clients’ place when explaining legalese using clear and concise terms. There are many bilingual speakers among the firm’s lawyers, who make an effort to correspond and communicate in dual languages, where necessary, to ensure clients understand the advice being given.

What is the key to maintaining long term client relationships?

Trust. Because trust is a crucial element in lawyering and long-term client relationships are built and thrive when clients trust the lawyer and advice being given. If trust is replaced with suspicion and doubt, there can be no long-term client relationships. Trust has to be earned, which means undertakings must not only be seen to be carried out, they must be carried out.

What internal training services do you provide to your lawyers to ensure they maintain high standards?

The firm organizes legal discussions on a weekly basis so that its lawyers are regularly updated on developments in the law and industry. Being in the know means having the information to make sound judgment calls in the client’s best interest. Turnaround time is one of the most noticeable signs of legal services and the firm’s lawyers are constantly reminded during these sessions, to ensure they maintain high standards.

What do you think differentiates your firm’s services from your peers?

We are responsive to time-sensitive matters and the lead partner, while being supported by able colleagues, gives personal attention to clients. We often go well beyond our time costs to ensure that work is well done to the highest quality and expectations to the client’s satisfaction.

Has your firm implemented technology to meet your clients needs? If so, what did you introduce?

The firm is accredited under the SmartLaw Recognition Scheme. Launched on 1 March 2017, the SmartLaw Recognition Scheme recognizes Singapore Law Practices (SLPs) which have adopted technology to improve productivity and thereby increasing business capabilities. The firm has adopted a practice management and accounting software, which enables file sharing and creates team synergy to meet its clients needs. The firm has also adopted an online knowledge management database because legal research is a very important tool for individual lawyers and the firm as a whole to find the leading cases governing the issues in question. The firm recognizes that it has to arm its lawyers with basic tools of trade, in this case adopting an online knowledge management database for carrying out research across vast information domains, in order to better advise its clients.

How do you ensure you stay relevant to your clients?

The law does not exist in a vacuum. We ensure that we are in the know of developments in the industry, especially the great challenges buffeting the construction industry as it recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding the challenges and its impact on clients means understanding the pressures clients face, and being able to provide sound pragmatic advice in view of those challenges. The firm has two lawyers who are appointed as Assessors under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act, and their experience as Assessors have helped the firm to stay relevant as clients navigate the legal framework occasioned by the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act.

Are there any changes you are considering implementing in the near future to better serve your clients?

The firm is considering expanding its construction team by increasing the number of fee earners.

How do you manage the costs and budgets of your clients?

We often go well beyond our time costs to manage the costs and accommodate the budgets of clients. This means we discount and waive time costs to ensure that clients stay within budget while securing their desired outcomes.

What different payment models or schemes do you offer (eg. Hourly basis, project basis, etc.).

We are flexible and may work on an hourly basis but also on a project basis. This means we may consider fixed fee arrangements that take into consideration the claimed amounts to accommodate the budget of clients and the particular circumstances of the case.

How does your firm allocate staffing resources for your client’s work in terms of seniority and/or budget to meet the client’s needs?”

The overriding factor in allocating staffing resources is to ensure that clients are best served by the lawyers assigned to a matter. There will always be senior lawyers assigned to a matter even if there is constrained budget, to ensure that the work is carried out with adequate levels of supervision. The firm does not believe in allocating junior lawyers only to a case even if there is a constrained budget as the firm has a heavy responsibility to its clients.

Where does your firm or lawyers demonstrate leadership thinking or insight pieces to show its on top of legal and business updates?

The firm encourage its lawyers, particularly junior lawyers, to exercise independent and leadership thinking by speaking out, especially and even if they disagree with senior lawyers. Its lawyers regularly contribute legal updates directly to its clients.

How does a firm handle conflicts (like work conflicts, between clients)?

The firm does not choose between clients or prefer one client over another. The firm will not act in the event of actual or commercial conflict. Its loyalty to its clients is steadfast.

Authored by

John Lim, Managing Director

John graduated in 2006 with Honours and was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court, Singapore, in 2008. Over the years he has developed an extensive broad-based practice and undertakes a wide range of contentious work in litigation, arbitration and adjudication, in areas of construction, engineering, and infrastructure projects. His practice also encompasses front-end drafting, reviewing and advice.

Some notable cases John has been involved in include acting in a dispute between a horse-racing club and project consultants over the proposed addition and alteration work to The Majestic, a historic three-storey conservation building in Chinatown. In 2016 he led a group of sub-contractors against Acesian Star, a unit of Catalist-listed Acesian Partners, for outstanding payments for air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation work at Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 project.

Under John’s stewardship, the Firm’s construction practice has been ranked by both Asialaw Profiles (2020 and 2021 Editions) and Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2020. He is also recognized in Asialaw Leading Lawyers (2021 Edition) as a Notable Practitioner for construction work.

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